The First Descendant Devs Give a Fix for FPS Drops

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The First Descendant players have faced significant frame rate drops across PC and console. The developers have acknowledged these issues and provided solutions. Here’s how to fix frame rate drops in The First Descendant.

The First Descendant Frame Rate Drop Solution

Temporary Fix

The First Descendant devs suggest a temporary fix for FPS drops. If you pre-downloaded the game, delete and reinstall it. This can resolve frame rate issues in The First Descendant. If you have had any trouble with the Black Screen Issue in The First Descendant, we also have a fix with our handy guide.

Mixed Results

Players report mixed success with this solution. PC users see some improvement, while console users still face issues. Despite this, the developers continue investigating and working on a permanent fix.

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Performance Improvement Steps

Delete and Reinstall

Follow these steps to delete and reinstall The First Descendant:

  1. Delete the Game: Navigate to your game library and uninstall The First Descendant.
  2. Reinstall: Download and install the game again from your platform’s store.

This simple step can improve FPS in The First Descendant temporarily.

Additional Solutions

The First Descendant developer frame rate fix includes addressing other performance issues. These fixes aim to enhance overall game stability.

Fixing Lag in The First Descendant

Developer Updates

The developers have acknowledged multiple issues, including lag and frame rate problems. They are working on comprehensive solutions to enhance game performance.

Current Issues

The First Descendant faces several performance issues beyond FPS drops, such as:

  • Client Termination Issues: Some antivirus programs cause the game to terminate unexpectedly.
  • Easy Anti-Cheat Problems: Malfunctions with Easy Anti-Cheat can disrupt gameplay.
  • Delayed Item Purchases: Delays in item delivery when purchasing through the PlayStation Store.

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The First Descendant Performance Issues Fix

Ongoing Investigations

The developers are actively investigating performance issues. They aim to provide permanent solutions to improve the gameplay experience.

Community Feedback

Player feedback is crucial. The developers are using this to identify and address performance problems effectively.


The First Descendant devs give a fix for fps drops but this is still only a temporary solution. We cannot spend all our time deleting and reinstalling the game. They continue to work on permanent fixes to improve overall performance.

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