Ubisoft Controversy Over Jabba the Hutt Star Wars Outlaws DLC

Star Wars outlaws advert

As a gamer invested in the Star Wars universe, you likely had high hopes when Ubisoft announced their open world bounty hunter game Star Wars Outlaws. However, controversy erupted when Ubisoft revealed Jabba the Hutt as a season pass exclusive character. While playing as the notorious Hutt crime lord may sound appealing to some, many…

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The Crew Shutdown by Ubisoft

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Ubisoft Shuts Down the Crew After 7 Years Limited Support and Updates In April 2023, Ubisoft announced that ongoing support for their open-world racing game The Crew would end in March 2024. After years of operations, Ubisoft stated that server costs and dwindling player numbers meant continued support was no longer viable. While disappointing for…

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CD Projekt Jabs at Ubisoft’s Pretentious “AAAA Games” Nonsense

cd project red logo

Ubisoft’s New “AAAA Games” Designation Ridiculed by CD Projekt Ever the ambitious overachiever, Ubisoft recently announced they’re developing “AAAA games” now, because AAA apparently just wasn’t pretentious enough. In a move sure to elicit eye rolls from gamers everywhere, Ubisoft is redefining mediocrity. How Many A’s Make a Good Game? If Ubisoft put half as…

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Ubisoft Announces Layoffs of 45 Employees

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Ubisoft Lays Off 45 Employees in Global Publishing and Asia-Pacific Divisions Global Publishing Division Ubisoft announced layoffs impacting 45 positions across its global publishing and Asia-Pacific divisions. The majority of job cuts, around 30 roles, will be made in the publisher’s Global Publishing division, specifically within live operations and production teams. The remaining 15 positions…

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