Sony Investigate Leaked PS5 Pro Details

Sony Investigate Leaked PS5 Pro Details image 1

We recently reported on the PS5 Pro details being leaked online and now Sony Investigate Leaked PS5 Pro Details. Sony Confirms Internal Investigation Into PS5 Pro Leak Sony Interactive Entertainment has verified that confidential details about an unannounced PlayStation 5 Pro console were illegally accessed and distributed online without authorization. In a statement, Sony confirmed…

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Sony’s VR Headset

Sony's VR Headset image 1

Sony’s VR Headset Is Coming to PC Sony recently announced that they will officially launch their virtual reality headset, the PSVR, for PC in 2024. The PSVR2 is already compatible with PCs through SteamVR with additional hardware but Sony aims to provide native support and optimization for the headset on PC. Expanding the VR Experience…

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