When Does Gears of War E-Day Release?

When Does Gears of War E-Day Release image 1

The announcement of Gears of War E-Day has left fans eager for more details. This new story in a familiar setting takes us back to the beginning of the bloodshed. But the burning question remains: When does Gears of War E-Day release? The Announcement Few anticipated a Gears of War prequel, especially since Gears of…

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Gears Up! Exciting New Gears 6 Reveal Rumored for This Summer


Rumors Suggest Exciting New Gears 6 Info Coming This Summer How thrilling! According to recent rumors, an exciting reveal for Gears 6 could be headed our way this summer. New Campaign and Characters Insiders are whispering that we’ll get our first look at a brand-new single player campaign and squad of COG soldiers. After the…

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