EA Shoots Down Speculation About Dead Space 2 Remake

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As a fan of horror and science fiction video games, your interest was no doubt piqued by the rumors of a Dead Space 2 remake circulating online recently. However, you may have seen Electronic Arts shoot down speculation about a remake of the acclaimed 2011 survival horror title. In a statement to IGN, the publisher…

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EA Closes Ridgeline Games

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EA Shutting Down New Studio Ridgeline Games EA announced today that it will be closing Ridgeline Games, a new studio founded by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, in order to consolidate resources. According to EA, “We have made the difficult decision to close Ridgeline Games. We are working with all employees to place them into suitable…

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EA Lays Off Hundreds

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EA Announces Layoffs and Studio Closures On Tuesday, EA lays off hundreds of staff impacting roughly 670 workers across the company. EA is also closing several studios as part of a major restructuring to “streamline the organization.” According to an internal email from CEO Andrew Wilson, EA is “moving away from licensed IP and doubling down…

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EA SPORTS FC24 Review image 1

Fact Details  Title  EAFC24  Release     Date  29th September 2023  Developers  Electronic Arts  Genre  Football Simulation  Platforms  PlayStation, Xbox, PC  Synopsis  EAFC24 is the latest installment in the long-running EA Sports FIFA series. Developed by Electronic Arts, this   football simulation game offers players an immersive experience with realistic gameplay, authentic stadiums,   and licensed teams and…

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