Celebrate 30 Years of Hellboy With Stylish New Controllers!

hellboy switch controller

Hellboy Turns 30 – A Look Back at the Iconic Character The Origin Story Thirty years ago, Hellboy first appeared in a comic published by Dark Horse Comics, conceived by the brilliant mind of Mike Mignola. Mignola wanted to create a character that was a twist on the typical superhero – a demon summoned from…

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Xbox One Controllers on Xbox Series X?


As a gamer, you have likely accumulated various Xbox One controllers over the years. When you upgrade to the Xbox Series X, you may wonder if you can continue using your existing controllers or if you need to purchase new ones. This article provides helpful information to answer that question, so you can determine if…

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UK Spring Sale On DualSense Controllers

UK Spring Sale On DualSense Controllers image 1

UK Spring Sale On DualSense Controllers Just Makes Sense The Sony DualSense wireless controller is currently on sale in the UK, with major retailers slashing prices by up to 25% for the Spring Sale. Controller Variants on Discount Both the standard white DualSense controller and the cosmically red variant are on sale, with the red…

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