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Suicide Squad Game Sales Disappoint Warner Bros.

So WB finally admitted the obvious - their Suicide Squad game was a massive flop. Apparently, those dismal sales figures fell “short of expectations.

Lack of hype hurt sales

For a game banking on the popularity of the movie franchise, there was a suspicious lack of hype. No memorable trailers, no buzz on gaming sites, just a vague “coming soon!” message. Did the marketing interns drop the ball or did WB realize they had a dud on their hands and tried to release it quietly without fanfare?

Critics panned the game

Then the reviews hit, and hoo boy, were they brutal. Critics slammed just about everything - the repetitive combat, uninspired level design, glitchy co-op mode. According to reviews, the only thing “killed” was the enthusiasm of players. When your target audience is reading that the game is “a lifeless cash grab” and “not worth your time,” that’s going to put a dent in sales.

Back to the drawing board

With dismal reviews and poor sales, it looks like WB’s dreams of a Suicide Squad gaming franchise have gone up in flames. Will they go back to the drawing board and try again in a few years or is it time to pull the plug on this experiment? The squad may have survived in the movies, but their gaming career was dead on arrival. Some villains just aren’t meant to be playable characters, it seems.

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What Went Wrong With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

Boring Characters

Remember how the movie Suicide Squad shamelessly pandered to the Hot Topic crowd? The game doubles down on that, giving us a squad of antiheroes with all the depth of a puddle. Deadshot’s “dark and troubled past” backstory felt so phoned in, I half expected a telemarketer to interrupt it. These cookie-cutter characters inspire more yawns than cheers.

Repetitive Gameplay

Doing the same mindless tasks over and over again is not what I’d call a riveting gameplay experience. Once you’ve cleared out the 100th abandoned subway tunnel filled with faceless thugs, you start thinking maybe prison isn’t so bad after all. At least there you get three hots and a cot instead of an endless parade of repetitive fights and puzzles a toddler could solve.

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