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The Stick of Truth has a hilarious story that plays out like an extended episode of the show and the good news is this must-play 10/10 RPG hit just got super cheap

You play as the "New Kid" who just moved to South Park. You make friends with familiar faces like Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan, who are engaged in a live-action roleplaying game between humans and elves. The story revolves around you trying to help the humans defeat the elves to claim the Stick of Truth. Full of crude humor and over-the-top situations, the story will have you laughing throughout its 10-15 hour runtime.

Authentic South Park Experience

From the moment the game starts, it feels like you're in an episode of South Park. The 2D graphics and animations are spot on, with recognizable characters, locations, and items from the show. The voicework is done by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, so all the characters sound exactly like they do on TV. The soundtrack also features music from the show. If you're a fan of South Park's crude and satirical style of humor, The Stick of Truth is a must-play.

Turn-Based Combat

The combat in The Stick of Truth is turn-based, meaning you take turns attacking enemies with a variety of melee weapons, ranged weapons, and magic abilities. You can have up to two companions in your party at once, like Butters, Kenny, Cartman, or Kyle, each with their own unique abilities. The combat starts out simple but gets progressively more challenging as you advance through the game. There's a surprising amount of depth, with the ability to inflict status effects, buff your party, and combo attacks together.

A Steal At This Price

Originally released in 2014 at $60, South Park: The Stick of Truth is regularly on sale now for $10-15. At that price, the game is an absolute steal, especially if you're a fan of the show. For any RPG or South Park fan, The Stick of Truth is a must-play modern classic.

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Why the Stick of Truth Is a Must-Play RPG

Hilarious and Authentic

If you’re a South Park fan, you’ll love how The Stick of Truth expertly recreates the show’s crude humor and satire. The characters behave just like their TV counterparts, and the familiar setting of the town is filled with references to classic episodes. This authenticity makes it feel like you’re playing through a new season of the show.

Surprisingly Deep Combat

While the humor is a big draw, The Stick of Truth also features a fun combat system with surprising depth. You’ll collect weapons, equipment, and abilities to build out your character in an RPG progression system. Turn-based battles require strategy to defeat enemies and bosses. Different characters have unique move sets, like Cartman’s barking at foes as a “wizard” class. The combat starts simple but gains complexity as you progress.

Explore the Town

Exploring the town and interacting with its citizens is a joy for any South Park fan. You’ll visit many familiar locations from the show, and the environments are packed with details referencing classic episodes. Wandering off the main quest to discover hidden areas, loot, and Easter eggs provides many extra hours of entertainment.

Whether you’re in it for the humor, the RPG gameplay, or to explore South Park, The Stick of Truth provides an incredibly faithful recreation of the beloved TV series. At its frequent deep discount price, any fan of the show would be doing themselves a disservice by not picking it up.

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Grab the Stick of Truth on Steam for a Crazy Low Price

An Absolute Steal

Right now, you can grab South Park: The Stick of Truth for just $2.99 on Steam. That’s a whopping 88% off the regular price! This cult classic RPG from Obsidian Entertainment has a “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating from over 48,000 reviews on Steam. At under three bucks, this game is an absolute steal.

Hilarious and Raunchy

The Stick of Truth takes place in the fictional world of South Park. You play as the “new kid” who just moved into town. After joining the game of Stick of Truth, you embark on a hilarious adventure full of crude humor, pop culture references and the show's trademark raunchiness. The game features the voice talents of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, so it really does feel like you're in an episode of the show.

Turn-Based Combat and Customization

The gameplay itself is a turn-based RPG where you explore the town, complete quests and do battle with underpants gnomes, cattle and other weird enemies. You get to fully customize your character, choosing from four classes: Fighter, Mage, Thief or Jew. There are tons of weapons, armor and abilities to unlock as you progress through the story.

At this price, The Stick of Truth is a total no-brainer for any South Park fan or RPG lover looking for some laughs. The sale won’t last long, so grab your discount and get ready for an outrageous adventure through the quiet little mountain town of South Park.

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