Soulmask Console Command Guide

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Survival games like Soulmask can be grindy, but you can speed things up with console commands. This Soulmask console guide will help you navigate the console commands to enhance your gameplay experience.

Using Console Commands in Soulmask

Setting Up the Console

To use console commands in Soulmask, you must be on a private dedicated server. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Private Dedicated Server Only: Console commands only work here, not in single-player or public servers.
  2. GM Key: The server must include a GM key as a custom parameter.
  3. Accessing the Console: Press the tilde (~) key on your keyboard to bring up the console.

GM Key and Password

To use console commands, you need the server's GM key password. Enter the command:

Console Command Code Description
 gm key [password]  Open GM Panel
 gm AddExp [value]  Add experience points
 gm Addmjexp [value]  Add Mask experience points
 gm Addshoulieexp [value]  Add Hunting experience points
 gm XiDian  Reset experience points
 gm ZiSha 1  Kill player
 gm FuHuo  Revive player
 gm shanhao  Delete character
 GPS  View player location
 gm ZhaoMu  Recruit NPC
 gm Go [position_x][position_y][position_z]  Teleport to position
 gm ClearAllNpc  Remove all NPCs
 gm ClearSelect  Remove selected NPC
 gm ShuaXinZhiBei  Refresh nearby vegetation
 gm ShowInfo 1  Show player information
 gm ShowInfo 0  Show target information
 gm SetAttr YinShen 1  Enable invisibility
 gm SetAttr YinShen 0  Disable invisibility
 gm JSMJ  Repair all Mask Nodes
 gm ShowMap  Unlock full map
 gm KeJiShu  Unlock all Technology Nodes
 gm ShowReDu  Show Barbarian Invasion Heat information
 gm ClearAllReDu  Clear Barbarian Invasion Heat
 gm AddReDu [value]  Increase Barbarian Invasion Heat at current location
 gm ChongZhiRenWu  Reset all Tutorial missions
 Debuginfo 1  View server information panel
 Debuginfo 0  Close server information panel


Tips for Using Console Commands

Maximizing Efficiency

  1. Batch Commands: Create a script with multiple commands to execute them quickly.
  2. Save Frequently: Use the savegame command often to prevent data loss.
  3. Check Compatibility: Ensure commands are compatible with the current game version.


  1. Incorrect Password: Double-check the GM key in the server’s .ini file if the password isn’t working.
  2. Command Errors: Verify the syntax and parameters of the command if it’s not executing.


Using console commands in Soulmask can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. By following this Soulmask console guide, you can control various aspects of the game and tailor it to your preferences. Remember, these commands are only available on private dedicated servers, so set up your server correctly and enjoy the flexibility and control that console commands offer.

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