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The Staggering Price of Elden Ring's DLC

Elden Ring's first major DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree cost's double compared to what previous FromSoft add-ons cost. If you've been eagerly awaiting fresh content in the Lands Between, that cost might give you pause for thought.

FromSoft's DLC has typically run between $15 to $30. Dark Souls 3's two expansions were $15 each or $25 total for the season pass. Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC was $20. At $40, Elden Ring's DLC costs nearly as much as some full-fledged indie games.

Of course, there are a few reasons FromSoft might have jacked up the price. Elden Ring is a massive game, so the DLC is likely to be equally epic in scope. The studio also knows how passionate the fanbase is and how much players crave new areas to explore and bosses to topple. From a business perspective, $40 is a way to generate more revenue from an already successful product.

Still, that's a big ask for players who have already sunk 50-100 hours into Elden Ring and shelled out $60 or more for the base game. For those on a budget, waiting for a sale or price drop may be the wisest choice. There's no shortage of content to tide you over in the meantime.

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Comparing Elden Ring DLC to Previous FromSoftware Expansions

Size and Scope

Elden Ring’s new DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree cost's double but it should provide a massive amount of content compared to previous Soulsborne add-ons from FromSoftware. You’re getting two entirely new regions to explore, each larger than Dark Souls 3’s Ringed City DLC. There are over 15 hours of gameplay, new NPCs, gear, spells, and bosses. This feels more like an expansion than a standard DLC.

More of What You Love

If you can’t get enough of Elden Ring and want an excuse to dive back in, Shadow of the Erdtree is ideal. It provides more of everything that makes the main game great like exploration, challenging combat, and mysterious storytelling. Two new areas mean more ruins to discover, catacombs to delve into, and vistas to admire. Bosses are as clever and punishing as ever. And cryptic new lore expands on the world’s history.

Overall, while the price may be steep, Shadow of the Erdtree looks to be an expansive and worthwhile addition for Elden Ring fans. The sheer amount of content and quality on display could make this FromSoftware’s most substantial DLC yet. If you’re hungry for more of the studio’s signature brand of action RPG, your wish has been granted.

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Is the Elden Ring DLC Worth the High Price Tag?

So with Shadows of the Erdtree costing $30, double the price of previous FromSoft DLC, the big question is whether or not it’s worth the extra money. For diehard Soulsborne fans, the answer is probably yes. This DLC pack promises to expand the already massive world of Elden Ring with new areas to explore, bosses to battle, weapons and spells to master.

More of What You Love

If you’ve already sunk dozens of hours into Elden Ring, craving more of the challenge, mystery and triumph over adversity that FromSoft is known for, then the DLC is a no-brainer. It gives you an excuse to revisit the Lands Between, discover new dungeons and defeat never-before-seen enemies and bosses. The steep price tag stings a bit, but for the dedicated fans, there’s really no substitute for fresh Elden Ring content.

Is It For You?

However, if you’re a more casual Souls fan or found Elden Ring to be frustrating at times, you may want to wait for reviews and gameplay videos to drop before shelling out $30. While the DLC is likely high quality, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for everyone, especially at this price point. See what others say about the length, difficulty and overall enjoyment factor. If it still sounds appealing, you can always pick it up down the road at a lower cost once the hype has died down.

In the end, whether or not Shadows of the Erdtree is worth its premium price comes down to how much you love Elden Ring and desire more of what makes it special. For diehards, it’s a chance to rekindle that first playthrough feeling of discovery and triumph over the unknown. For others, the smarter move may be to save your runes for now. The choice is yours, Tarnished!

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