PS5 Accessories In 2024

Introducing the world of PlayStation 5 accessories, where innovation meets necessity. Get the best PS5 accessories in 2024, designed to enhance every aspect of your play. From immersive audio solutions to precision controllers, these must-have accessories are made for the power of the PS5.

Must-Have PS5 Controllers & Headsets


The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is hands-down the best PS5 headset available in 2024. With lossless 2.4G wireless connectivity, hi-res capable speakers, and a built-in dual microphone, you'll experience your PS5 games like never before and have crystal-clear communication with your teammates. The rechargeable batteries provide up to 30 hours of play so you can game into the night.


For the ultimate PS5 controller, look no further than the Victrix Pro BFG. This premium controller is competitively priced but provides performance enhancing features like remappable multi-function buttons, adjustable trigger stops, and swappable thumbsticks. The ergonomic shape and textured grips keep you comfortable during intense gameplay. With custom profiles, you can optimize controls for all your favorite PS5 games.

While the DualSense is Sony's standard PS5 controller and provides unique features like haptic feedback, the Victrix Pro BFG takes customization and performance to the next level for hardcore and competitive gamers. If you want the advantage in FPS and fighting games, the Victrix Pro BFG is the clear choice.

For most casual PS5 gamers, the DualSense controller that comes with your console will suit you just fine. It offers innovative features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback for deeply immersive gameplay. The built-in microphone allows for easy communication without a headset. However, if you want to unlock your full gaming potential, a premium third-party controller like the Victrix Pro BFG is the way to go.

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Essential PS5 Charging Stations & Batteries

To make the most of your PS5 gaming sessions, you'll want to invest in a high-quality charging station and rechargeable battery. A charging station lets you power up your controllers quickly so you're never stuck waiting to get back in the game.

Fast Charging

For charging two PS5 controllers at once, a dual charging station is ideal. The YOGES PS5 Controller Charger offers fast charging in under 2 hours and has indicator lights to show the charging status of each controller. The docking design makes it easy to simply drop your controllers in for a quick charge between matches.

High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are a must to avoid constantly swapping out disposable batteries. Sony's official PS5 controller battery pack provides up to 20 hours of gameplay on a single charge. For the best value, the BEBONCOOL PS5 Controller Battery Pack comes with two high-capacity rechargeable battery packs that provide up to 30 hours of use per charge. The battery packs work with your PS5 console's existing USB-C charging cable for simple recharging.

With a high-quality charging solution and rechargeable batteries on hand, you'll never have to stop the action with your PS5. Stay powered up for hours of continuous gameplay with the right accessories for your console. Now get ready for your next epic battle!

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Top PS5 Media Remotes & Camera Accessories

PS5 Media Remote

The PS5 Media Remote is a must-have accessory for easy navigation of your console's entertainment options. With a maximum range of 10 meters, you can control your PS5 from the comfort of your couch. The Media Remote allows for seamless navigation of popular streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and more.

Its simple button layout includes directional buttons, select and back buttons, and dedicated buttons for Disney+, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube to quickly launch each service. The PS5 Media Remote is a handy companion for your console, eliminating the need to use a controller for entertainment and streaming features.

PS5 HD Camera

If you're interested in streaming or capturing video on your PS5, the PS5 HD Camera is a highly recommended accessory. The camera captures 1080p HD video and features dual wide-angle lenses for a smooth streaming and recording experience. The HD Camera works seamlessly with the PS5 Create Button, allowing you to quickly capture screenshots, videos, and start broadcasts.

The PS5 HD Camera also enables several fun features like picture-in-picture mode to showcase your reaction during gameplay streams. Background removal helps keep the focus on you by blurring your background during streams and video chats.

The PS5 Media Remote and PS5 HD Camera provide extra functionality and convenience for your console. Navigating entertainment apps, streaming, and capturing gameplay has never been easier with these must-have PS5 accessories. As more features roll out for the PS5, these accessories will continue to enhance your experience.

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