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Primal Planet Brings Retro Pixel Art to the Metroidvania Genre

Get ready for an epic prehistoric adventure, retro gamers! Primal Planet, an upcoming Metroidvania title, brings the retro pixel art style back with a vengeance. Developed by Seethingswarm, this 2D side-scroller lets you unleash your inner dinosaur as you explore a massive Jurassic-era world.

A Blast From the Past

With its pixelated graphics and chiptune soundtrack, Primal Planet will instantly transport you back to the glory days of 16-bit gaming. The retro art style is stunning when displayed on a CRT monitor, enhancing that nostalgic feeling of playing on an old tube TV.

A Massive Prehistoric World to Explore

The world of Primal Planet is enormous, with over 15 areas to discover spanning forests, mountains, caves and beyond. Solve challenging puzzles, defeat menacing bosses, and find helpful upgrades for your dino. The non-linear world encourages exploration, with many secret paths and items hidden for only the most dedicated players to find.

With stunning pixel art, an epic prehistoric setting, and addictive 2D action-platforming, Primal Planet is poised to scratch that retro itch for all you old-school gamers out there. The game launches later this year, so get ready to unleash your inner dinosaur!

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Key Features of Primal Planet's Gameplay and World

Vast, Interconnected World to Explore

You'll traverse a massive alien world in Primal Planet, full of dense jungles, spooky catacombs and ancient ruins. The world is seamlessly connected, so you'll never hit an obvious loading screen as you explore. Secret paths and shortcuts abound, inviting you to get lost discovering them!

Tight Platforming and Combat

Primal Planet delivers fluid 2D platforming and combat. You'll wall jump, dash and air dash your way through challenging sequences. A variety of melee and ranged weapons let you dispatch enemies in style. Boss fights feature massive, multi-phase beasts that will test your reflexes.

Character Progression and Customization

Your character earns experience to level up and become stronger over time. You'll also find equipment like weapons, armor and trinkets to boost your stats. Mix and match gear to develop your own playstyle.

Environmental Puzzles

The world is filled with puzzles that make clever use of the environment. Move blocks, activate switches and manipulate energy fields to open new paths. Puzzles start simple but become quite complex, requiring logic, timing and precision.

With a huge world to explore, polished gameplay, character customization and brain-teasing puzzles, Primal Planet looks set to scratch that Metroidvania itch. The retro pixel graphics and synth soundtrack cement the retro vibe. If you love getting lost in immersive 2D worlds, Primal Planet should be on your radar! Mark your calendars - this intergalactic adventure lands later this year!

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Release Date, Platforms and Trailer for Primal Planet

Primal Planet is coming soon and promises pixel art action and adventure! The game is set to release in early 2024, though an exact date has not yet been announced. When it does launch, you'll be able to play on Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One - so lots of options no matter your platform of choice!

To get a taste of the retro metroidvania gameplay, check out the announcement trailer. It shows off the game's pixel art style and teases some of the abilities you'll gain to explore the world. Wall jumping, dashing, and weapon upgrades are all featured, hinting at the kind of action-packed exploration you can expect.

The game's story revolves around a lone survivor who crash lands on an uncharted planet. You'll have to battle dangerous creatures, uncover ancient secrets, and try to find a way home. The pixel art visuals are vibrant and detailed, bringing the alien world to life. Fans of the metroidvania genre will surely be excited to embark on this intergalactic adventure!

Whether you grew up with retro games or just appreciate their style, Primal Planet looks like a must-play metroidvania. The game promises to deliver a challenging but rewarding experience exploring an unknown world. Mark your calendars for 2022 and get ready to jump, dash and blast your way through alien jungles and temples! This cheerful and colorful game is sure to brighten your day.

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