PlayStation Portal Back In Stock

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PlayStation Portal Back In Stock at Currys and PlayStation Direct

If you’ve been hunting for a PlayStation Portal since launch with no luck, now’s the time to strike. Both Currys and PlayStation Direct have restocked the coveted device.

Currys Drops

Currys started releasing more PlayStation Portal stock this morning, both the disk and digital editions. They’re selling fast, so you’ll want to act quickly. Here are the steps to snag one:

  1. Head to and search for “PlayStation Portal.”
  2. Add your selected PlayStation Portal to your cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout immediately. Currys has additional security measures in place like captcha to ensure only humans are making purchases.

PlayStation Direct

If Currys sells out before you can place an order, don’t lose hope. PlayStation Direct, Sony’s official online store, has also been restocking PlayStation Portal's over the past couple days. Here’s how you can get in on the action:

  1. Visit and sign in to your PSN account.
  2. Select “PlayStation Portal” from the menu.
  3. Add the PlayStation Portal to your cart. PlayStation Direct also utilizes bundles to make the buying process fair for legitimate customers.
  4. Check out immediately. PlayStation Direct restocks tend to sell out in minutes, so you’ll want to complete your purchase as quickly as possible before stock disappears again.

With two trusted retailers releasing new PlayStation Portal stock, you have double the chance to finally get your hands on Sony’s next-gen device. But you have to act fast, as these restocks are sure to sell out quickly. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping and good luck!

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How to Get Your PlayStation Portal From Currys and PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Portal Back In Stock at Currys or PlayStation Direct, you’ll need to be quick and prepare in advance.

Check for restock alerts

The best way to find out when PlayStation Portal's become available is by following stock tracking Twitter accounts like @PS5StockAlerts. Turn on notifications so you get pinged the second they announce a restock.

Have your details ready

Whether buying from Currys or PS Direct, you’ll need to be logged in to your account with your payment info saved. This way you can checkout fast before stock sells out.

Buy from Currys

When Currys announces a PlayStation Portal restock, go to their website and add the console to your cart. Check out immediately, as stock tends to sell out within minutes. Currys releases consoles in waves, so if you miss out the first time, stay on the page and refresh regularly. You may be able to snag one from a later wave.

Buy from PS Direct

The PlayStation Direct store usually restocks PlayStation Portal a couple times a month. When they announce a drop, go to and queue to enter the store. The queue system tries to make the buying process fair, but many shoppers still miss out. If you make it into the store, add the PlayStation Portal to your cart and check out right away.

With some patience and persistence, you'll get your hands on Sony's in-demand device. Staying up to date on the latest restock news, preparing your account details ahead of time, and moving quickly when stock goes live will increase your chances of success. Good luck and happy gaming!

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Tips for Securing Your PlayStation Portal During Restocks

When the PlayStation Portal is back in stock, time is of the essence. Here are some tips to increase your odds of snagging one before they’re gone again:

Sign up for stock alerts

Many retailers like Currys, Argos, and GAME offer alerts to notify you as soon as the PlayStation Portal is back in stock. Sign up for SMS text, email, and push notifications across all major stores so you get the word as quickly as possible.

Have your info ready

Once an alert comes through, act fast. Have your payment info, shipping address, and account login credentials ready to go so you can breeze through the checkout process. Any delay could mean missing your chance.

Try multiple stores

Don’t put all your hopes into one store’s restock. Try to purchase from Currys, Argos, Amazon, Very and any other retailer offering the console. The more stores you try, the better your odds are of success.

Be persistent

Securing a PlayStation Portal during a restock frenzy requires patience and persistence. Don’t get discouraged if you miss out on the first opportunity. Keep trying each store’s website and stay alert for the next round of availability. With each restock, your experience will help you get faster at checking out until you finally land your prize!

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