Once Human Player Count Proves Its Popular

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Once Human Player Count Proves Its Popular as the game continues to draw a significant number of players. Despite mixed reviews, the open-world survival game Once Human has made a strong impression on the gaming community.

Early Success and Player Count

Once Human Player Count Proves Its Popular by attracting a substantial number of players since its launch. According to SteamDB, the game saw over 30,755 players diving in when the servers went live. This number continued to rise steadily, with more than 81,000 players currently exploring the post-apocalyptic world of Once Human. This strong Once Human player count highlights its early success.

Comparison with Other Games

Comparing Once Human's player count to other popular survival games highlights its success. Rust, a well-established title, averages 127,000 players daily. For a newly launched game like Once Human to achieve two-thirds of Rust’s player count is impressive and underscores its popularity. These Once Human game statistics illustrate how it competes well with established titles.

Availability and Growth

Once Human Player Count Proves Its Popular not only on Steam but also on the Epic Games Store. Although stats from the Epic Games Store are not publicly available, they contribute to a higher overall player base than Steam alone. The game's availability on multiple platforms, including an upcoming mobile version, suggests that the Once Human user count will continue to grow. This wide availability boosts the Once Human popularity.

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SteamDB Stats For Once Human

Weekend Boost

Weekends are crucial for Once Human’s player count. As more gamers have free time, the number of players testing the free-to-play survival game tends to increase. This trend is expected to boost the game's popularity further in the coming days, highlighting the Popularity of Once Human game.

Future Prospects

The long-term success of Once Human depends on ongoing improvements and updates. While the current Once Human player base is strong, maintaining a steady player base will require addressing the mixed or negative ratings on Steam. Enhancements to gameplay and user experience are essential to retaining players and attracting new ones, ensuring continued Once Human success.


In summary, Once Human Player Count Proves Its Popular status among gamers. With a solid initial player base and the potential for further growth, Once Human is well-positioned to make a lasting impact in the open-world survival genre. Monitoring Once Human game popularity stats will be key to understanding its ongoing appeal.

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