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Once Human developers Starry Studio quickly responded to an account limitation issue on launch day. Initially, day-one players were restricted to creating a single character on one locked-in server. Once Human character limit changes were necessary to address player frustrations.

Initial Character Limitations

Launch Day Restrictions

Once Human went live on July 9 and players faced several issues. According to a Starry Studio launch FAQ on the Once Human website, early players were temporarily allowed to create only one character per account due to technical limitations. Character deletion was also disabled. This limitation frustrated many players, especially those who wanted to play with friends on different servers.

Player Reactions

News of the restrictions spread quickly, causing an uproar on social media. Players were upset they couldn’t create additional characters or delete existing ones. This issue was further compounded by problems with crossplay between platforms, which were also slated to be fixed later. The Once Human character restriction update was eagerly anticipated.

Developer Response

Quick Update

In response to the community's feedback, Starry Studio pushed an update a few hours after launch, allowing players to create new characters on different servers. However, the ability to delete characters remained disabled. The developers acknowledged the issues in the Once Human Discord server, explaining that they initially closed multi-character creation because the experience was unsatisfactory. They aimed to perfect it by August 1, but the plan backfired. This Once Human character limit patch was essential for improving gameplay.

Current Status

Players can now create characters on each server but still cannot delete any existing characters. This means new players should carefully decide which server to play on, especially if they plan to join friends. The Once Human update character limit allows more flexibility for players.

Ongoing Issues

Technical Problems

Other issues, like certain controller support and technical problems with handheld systems like the Steam Deck, are being addressed by the developers. However, no exact timeframe for a fix has been provided. Despite the rocky start, it is hoped that most players can now settle in and explore the world of Once Human. The Once Human character cap update is part of ongoing improvements.


Once Human character limit changes quickly after launch to address player concerns, players can now create characters on multiple servers but cannot delete existing ones. The Once Human player base should plan their server choices carefully to enjoy the game with friends. Despite the initial challenges, Starry Studio is working on improving the overall gaming experience. The New character limit in Once Human aims to enhance player satisfaction.

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