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MSI Releases New BIOS Update for Select Intel Motherboards

MSI recently released BIOS updates for their 600 and 700-series Intel motherboards, enabling support for up to 256GB of system memory. According to MSI, users can now install up to four 64GB DDR4 memory modules for a maximum of 256GB RAM.

Motherboards Supported

The new BIOS updates are available for download on MSI's website and support the following motherboard models:

To install the update, you will need an empty USB drive and to follow the instructions provided on MSI's site.

Benefits of More Memory

With 256GB of RAM, your system will run faster and more efficiently. More memory means you can run more programs and browser tabs simultaneously without slowing down your PC. Professionals in fields like software engineering, video editing, and 3D modeling will benefit greatly from the additional RAM.

For most average users and gamers, 16-32GB of memory is typically sufficient. However, for high-end workstations performing memory-intensive tasks, the newly supported 256GB maximum in these MSI motherboards may be appealing. Upgrading your motherboard's BIOS and RAM are easy ways to give an older system a performance boost without a full upgrade.

MSI continues to improve their products and provide useful updates for customers. Supporting up to 256GB of memory in their Intel motherboards is a welcome addition that provides more options and flexibility for users. Overall, this BIOS update is a win for MSI customers looking to push their systems to the next level.

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Details on the BIOS Update and 256GB RAM Support

MSI has released a new BIOS update for their latest Intel motherboards that enables support for a maximum of 256 gigabytes (GB) of random access memory (RAM). This significant increase in memory ceiling provides advanced users the ability to maximize performance for memory-intensive tasks like video editing, data analysis, and graphics design.

Faster Performance and Improved Productivity

With the substantial boost in supported memory, users can expect noticeable performance gains in system responsiveness and the ability to run more programs simultaneously. The additional RAM also allows for faster loading of large files and the ability to have more browser tabs open at once without slowing down the system. For professional users, the heightened memory ceiling translates to improved productivity through the capability to manipulate larger datasets and media files.

Specific Motherboards Supported

The new BIOS update is available for download on MSI's website and supports their Z490, H470, B460, and H410 Intel motherboards. Users should check their specific motherboard model to ensure compatibility before installing the update. The update is provided free of charge and can be installed through MSI's M-Flash tool in the BIOS setup utility. Users should back up their system settings in case they need to reverse the update for any reason.

Future Proofing Your System

With memory requirements increasing over time, the 256GB ceiling provides headroom for future needs. As more powerful CPUs are released and software becomes more advanced, additional memory will be necessary to maximize performance. MSI's support for this substantial amount of RAM helps future-proof systems for years to come and provides an upgrade path as needs change. For the latest in computing power and speed, the BIOS update enabling 256GB of memory is a step in the right direction.

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Which MSI Motherboards Are Compatible With the New BIOS?

The newly released BIOS update from MSI adds support for up to 256GB of RAM across many of their Intel chipset motherboards.

Z490 Motherboards

MSI’s Z490 series motherboards, including the MEG Z490 Godlike, MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi, and MAG Z490 Tomahawk, are compatible with the latest BIOS update. These motherboards support 10th generation Intel Core processors and can now utilize up to 256GB of DDR4 memory when updated to the latest BIOS.

B460 and H410 Motherboards

For more budget-friendly options, MSI’s B460 and H410 series motherboards are also compatible with the updated BIOS. Models like the MAG B460M Mortar WiFi, MAG B460M Bazooka, and ProSeries H410M PRO-VDH can now support up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM when running the latest BIOS. While not reaching the full 256GB maximum, this is still a sizable memory upgrade for these affordable motherboards.

Updating Your BIOS

To take advantage of the increased memory limits, you will need to update your motherboard’s BIOS. This can be done through MSI’s M-Flash utility in the BIOS menu. Simply download the latest BIOS file for your specific motherboard model from the MSI website onto a USB flash drive and then use M-Flash to update the BIOS. Be very careful when updating the BIOS, as any interruption can potentially damage the motherboard. Follow all instructions carefully and do not disconnect power during the update process.

With the latest BIOS update installed, you can then install additional memory modules in your motherboard to reach the new maximum supported for your specific model. For the best performance, use memory kits of the same capacity, speed, and timings.

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