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Laying Down Mode Now Available for Quest 2 and Pro

With the latest Meta Quest Software Update, laying down mode is now available for the Oculus Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets, enabling you to use certain apps and experiences while lying down.

Comfortable and Immersive

Laying down mode rotates the Quest's display to match your horizontal orientation, providing a comfortable and immersive experience for media viewing, gaming, social interactions and more while reclining.

Supported Apps and Experiences

A select number of apps and experiences currently support laying down mode, including:

  • Oculus TV - Watch movies, TV shows and videos
  • Oculus Venues - Experience live concerts, sports and events
  • Bigscreen - Join friends in a virtual movie theater or lounge
  • Facebook Horizon - Build and explore virtual worlds with friends
  • Additional third-party media and gaming apps

Oculus will continue expanding support to more apps and experiences in future software updates.

Activating Laying Down Mode

To activate laying down mode:

  1. Make sure your Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset is powered on and the latest software update is installed.
  2. Lie down on your back in a comfortable position.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate laying down mode. The display will rotate to match your horizontal orientation.
  4. Launch a supported app or experience. The content will appear properly oriented for your reclined position.
  5. To exit laying down mode and return the display to normal vertical orientation, press and hold the power button again for 3 seconds.

With the Meta Quest Software Update, laying down mode, Oculus Quest 2 and Quest Pro owners have greater flexibility and comfort using their headsets for rest and relaxation. We look forward to enhancing and expanding the laying down experience in future updates.

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How to Enable Laying Down Mode on Your Headset

To activate Laying Down Mode on compatible Oculus Quest headsets, you will need to access the Experimental Features menu.

Accessing Experimental Features

In order to access Experimental Features, first power on your Oculus Quest headset and pair your controllers. Next, select Settings from the toolbar at the bottom of the home screen. Scroll down to find the Experimental Features option and select it.

Enabling Laying Down Mode

With the Experimental Features menu open, look for the "Laying Down Mode" option. Highlight this option using your controller and press the A button to enable it. Your headset will provide a warning about experimental features before allowing you to confirm enabling Laying Down Mode.

Using Laying Down Mode

Once enabled, Laying Down Mode allows you to use your Oculus Quest while lying down by flipping the display upside down. To activate Laying Down Mode at any time, simultaneously press and hold the Oculus button and trigger on your right controller for 2 seconds until the display flips. Repeat the same button combo to return to normal display orientation.

Laying Down Mode works for many apps and games, but some content may appear distorted or fail to function properly while in this mode. Oculus recommends toggling Laying Down Mode off if any issues are experienced. Disabling this experimental feature at any time will turn off the ability to activate Laying Down Mode until it is re-enabled in the Experimental Features menu.

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The Future of VR - What Laying Down Could Enable

The implementation of a laying down mode in virtual reality headsets opens up new possibilities for immersive experiences. With the freedom to recline, users can explore virtual worlds unencumbered by the constraints of an upright position. This flexibility may lead developers to create more leisurely experiences tailored for a reclining user.

Entertainment and Relaxation

Laying down could enable more casual entertainment and relaxation experiences in VR. For example, users may enjoy reclining while watching an immersive VR film or playing a puzzle adventure game. The comfort of a reclining position may make longer play sessions more appealing and less fatiguing. Developers could also create meditative experiences designed for a laying down user.

New Genres and Interactions

Reclining in VR could inspire the creation of new genres and natural user interactions. For example, developers may design stargazing or cloud watching simulations where users recline to take in the view. Laying down may also enable new gesture and gaze controls using the space around and above the reclining user. These new interaction models could enhance simulations of activities typically done while laying down, such as reading a book.


While laying down mode will initially only be available for Oculus Quest 2 and Pro owners, its eventual expansion across VR devices could drive further innovation. Developers now have an opportunity to tap into the creative potential of a reclining user's perspective. With this newfound freedom of movement, virtual reality may become an even more compelling portal to extraordinary experiences.

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