John Cena Arrives in Mortal Kombat

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Hustle, Loyalty, Brutality: John Cena Brings Peace to Mortal Kombat

The man, the myth, the legend - John Cena - is back to lay the smackdown on anyone threatening peace in Mortal Kombat. As the hulking Peacemaker, Cena combines his signature moves with fatalities that would make even the most hardened kombatant cringe.

Peacemaker DLC: More Than Meets the Eye

Sure, Peacemaker looks like your standard military meathead, but behind those baby blues is a man on a mission to achieve peace and justice through any means necessary. His arsenal includes pistols, grenades, and a helmet straight out of a sci-fi B-movie.

Peacemaker may seem like he's all brawn and no brains, but this guy can go from zero to fatality in 2.5 seconds. Rumor has it Peacemaker's X-ray moves are so brutal, the ESRB made NetherRealm tone them down for the trailers.

A New Challenger Approaches

Liu Kang has kept order in Mortal Kombat for years, but his non-lethal ways won’t cut it with threats like Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung lurking. When Outworld’s chaos spills into Earthrealm, Kang’s New Era of peace starts to crumble.

Enter Peacemaker. This interdimensional do-gooder heads to Outworld on a seek-and-destroy mission, dismantling evildoers with extreme prejudice. Sure, Kang won’t approve of Peacemaker’s methods, but you can’t argue with results. Hustle, loyalty, brutality - that’s the Peacemaker way.

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John Cena's Peacemaker Fatalities Show No Mercy

Cena's X-ray move lets you see just how much damage his punches are inflicting on your insides. Because nothing says "peace" like internal bleeding, am I right? And his crowning glory, the "Peacemaker" fatality, straight up blows your head off. Guess that's one way to give you some peace and quiet!

Don't worry, the violence is all in good fun. After all, this is Mortal Kombat - no one actually gets hurt! Unless you count the emotional scars from losing to a wrestler-turned-actor in a video game. Talk about brutal.

At the end of the day, we've got to appreciate NetherRealm Studios' sense of irony in recruiting a guy named "Peacemaker" to gruesomely murder other characters. And we've got to give Cena credit for having a sense of humor about his squeaky-clean image. Dude knows irony is hilarious.

Will the Cenation Embrace Cena's Violent Side in Mortal Kombat?

Gone are the days of “Rise Above Hate”

Instead of Cena’s usual message of positivity and never giving up, his Mortal Kombat persona embraces the darkness within. No more colorful gear and waving to the little Hustle Loyalty Brutality disciples. This Cena plays for keeps, and he’s out for blood. The only rising happening here will be Cena ascending the ranks as he destroys every fighter in his path.

Ruthless Aggression 2.0

Cena made a name for himself with his high-energy style and never say die attitude, but that was kid stuff compared to how he’ll manhandle his opponents in Mortal Kombat. This is Cena uncorked, using every dirty move in his arsenal to dismantle whoever is unlucky enough to face him. And you thought his STF submission looked painful before! Cena’s going to unleash a whole new world of hurt.

The Cenation’s unflagging support over the years proves they’ll follow Cena anywhere. But are they really ready to see their hero embrace the brutality of Mortal Kombat? Guess we’ll find out if the Cenation can get behind Cena’s new take-no-prisoners style. Because the Champ is here—and he’s out for blood.

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