How to Unlock the Ancestral Forge in V Rising

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Unlocking the Ancestral Forge in V Rising is essential for repairing legendary shattered weapons. This guide will help you understand how to unlock the Ancestral Forge in V Rising and gather the required resources.

Facing Raziel the Shepherd

To unlock the Ancestral Forge in V Rising, you need to defeat Raziel the Shepherd, a level 57 boss located in the Dunley Monastery in the Dunley Farmlands region. Raziel uses crowd-control abilities and a powerful Crimson Beam attack.

Preparing for the Fight

The Dunley Monastery is filled with Holy Radiation, which depletes your health rapidly. You'll need Holy Resistance Potions to protect yourself. Here's how to craft them:

  • One Water-filled Bottle
  • One Grave Dust
  • 60 Sunflowers

If you can't craft these potions, visit Meredith the Bright Archer at the Haunted Iron Mine, find them during raids, or buy them at the Dunley Farmer’s Market.

Defeating Raziel

With your Holy Resistance Potions ready, head to the main chapel of the monastery. Use the potions to negate the effects of Raziel's Crimson Beam. Dodge his attacks and strike strategically to defeat him and secure the Ancestral Forge blueprint.

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Building the Ancestral Forge

Once you have the blueprint, gather the following materials to build the Ancestral Forge:

  • One Primal Blood Essence
  • 8 Radium Alloys
  • 16 Iron Ingots

Gathering Radium Alloy

Radium Alloy is crucial for the forge. Here's how to find it:

  • Southern Gloomrot: Search the Transcendum Machine Factory.
  • Crates and Chests: Break open containers within the factory for a chance to find Radium Alloy.
  • Defeat Zika the Engineer: The boss of the factory drops Radium Alloy and unlocks the recipe, along with the Fabricator crafting station and Empty Canisters.

Restoring Legendary Weapons

With the Ancestral Forge built, you can start restoring your shattered legendary weapons. Here’s the recipe for restoration:

  • Three Onyx Tears
  • One Primal Blood Essence
  • One Shattered Legendary Weapon


Unlocking the Ancestral Forge in V Rising is a rewarding challenge. By following these steps and preparing adequately, you'll bolster your strength and become a formidable vampire. Enjoy the enhanced power and capabilities that come with your restored legendary weapons!

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