How to Unlock Pets in Diablo 4

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Unlocking pets in Diablo 4 is an exciting addition to the game, providing both aesthetic and practical benefits. Follow this guide to learn how to unlock pets in Diablo 4.

How to Unlock Pets in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 introduced pets on June 9, enhancing the gameplay experience. Pets were announced alongside the cinematic trailer for the Vessel of Hatred DLC, releasing on Oct. 8. Fortunately, you can access pets immediately without purchasing the DLC.

Free Pet Available

You don’t need to spend money to get a pet in Diablo 4. Follow these steps to find your new companion:

  1. Enter Diablo 4 Post-Update
    • Upon entering the game after the June 9 update, a message will inform you that pets have been added.
  2. Unlock the Faithful Companion Quest
    • Load into the game, and the Faithful Companion quest will automatically unlock and appear on your sidebar.
  3. Complete the Quest
    • Head to Kyovashad and follow the marker to the Well-Behaved Dog.
    • Interact with the dog and select “Who’s a good boy?” to add Asheara the Canine Pet to your account.

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Equipping Your Pet

Once you have unlocked Asheara, follow these steps to equip your pet:

  1. Visit the Wardrobe
    • Go to your Wardrobe in the game.
  2. Select Your Pet
    • Scroll to the Pets tab.
    • Select the pet you want to equip.
  3. Exit the Wardrobe
    • After selecting your pet, exit the Wardrobe.

Congratulations, your pet will now follow you closely, becoming your new best friend.

Benefits of Pets in Diablo 4

Pets in Diablo 4 are not just for show; they offer practical advantages:

  • Auto-Collecting Gold and Materials
    • Pets automatically collect gold and materials while you play, streamlining your gameplay experience.
  • Interactions
    • You can interact with your pet using the “Hello” emote, adding a fun, interactive element to the game.


Knowing how to unlock pets in Diablo 4 enhances your game by providing both companionship and practical benefits. With pets available immediately, you can enjoy these new features without delay. Equip your pet and enjoy the additional boosts they provide while exploring the world of Diablo 4.

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