How to Unlock Bonuses In Rise Of The Ronin

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Overview of Rise of the Ronin Pre-Order Bonuses

Bonus 1: Ronin Armor Pack

Those who pre-order Rise of the Ronin will receive the exclusive Ronin Armor Pack, containing three unique armor sets styled after famous samurai clans. Each armor set provides bonuses to different attributes like health, stamina or attack power. Collect all three to gain the “Armor Master” achievement.

Bonus 2: Katana of the North Star

Pre-ordering also unlocks the legendary Katana of the North Star. This mythical weapon scales in power as your character levels up, dealing additional damage against supernatural creatures like oni demons or yokai spirits. The katana's special move, “Guiding Light”, unleashes a flurry of strikes while temporarily blinding opponents.

Bonus 3: Hiro the Wolf Companion

Every ronin needs a faithful companion. Pre-order to receive Hiro, a wolf pup that will fight by your side and grow into a powerful ally. Hiro can distract enemies, knock them down and even deliver killing blows once fully leveled up. Feed and bond with Hiro to unlock his full potential.

With exclusive armor sets, a mystical katana and a steadfast wolf companion as your pre-order rewards, you'll be well equipped to survive the warring states period of feudal Japan in Rise of the Ronin. Place your pre-order today to begin your journey as a masterless samurai and claim these bonuses at launch. Fortune favors the bold, so unsheathe your katana and forge your destiny!

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How to Redeem Your Pre-Order Bonus Content

Pre-order Bonuses Available

How to Unlock Bonuses In Rise Of The Ronin will help you to receive an exclusive in-game starter pack to aid you on your journey. The starter pack includes valuable items such as a legendary katana, a full set of Samurai armor, and a warhorse.

Steps to Redeem Your Pre-Order Bonus Content

To receive your pre-order bonuses in Rise of the Ronin, you must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have pre-ordered Rise of the Ronin from an eligible retailer. Only pre-orders made from select retailers will qualify for the bonus content. Check with your retailer of choice to confirm they are offering the pre-order bonuses.
  2. Launch Rise of the Ronin once it releases and sign in with the platform account you used to pre-order the game. This will automatically detect your pre-order and unlock the bonus content.
  3. The in-game starter pack will be added directly to your inventory. Equip the items to gain their benefits and ride your new warhorse into battle.
  4. If your pre-order bonuses do not appear automatically, you may need to redeem a code provided by your retailer. Check your receipt or account for the code and enter it in the “Redeem Code” section of the in-game menu.
  5. Pre-order bonus content is exclusively for the purchasing account. Items cannot be traded, sold, or given away.

With your legendary katana and Samurai armor, you will be well equipped to overcome any challenge in your quest for honor and glory. Pre-order today to receive your exclusive starter pack and begin your journey through feudal Japan in style.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rise of the Ronin Pre-Order Bonuses

How do I claim my pre-order bonuses for Rise of the Ronin?

To obtain the pre-order bonuses included with your purchase of Rise of the Ronin, you will need to follow a few simple steps. First, make sure you have pre-ordered the game through an eligible retailer prior to the release date. Next, check your email for a message from the retailer confirming your pre-order purchase. This email should contain a redemption code for the bonuses. Finally, visit the official Rise of the Ronin website and enter your redemption code to claim your bonuses. The pre-order bonuses should then unlock in-game automatically.

What are the pre-order bonuses for Rise of the Ronin?

Customers who pre-order Rise of the Ronin will receive two exclusive in-game items: the Samurai Armor Pack and the Naginata Weapon Pack. The Samurai Armor Pack includes a complete set of armor inspired by the ancient samurai warriors of Japan. The Naginata Weapon Pack provides players with a naginata, a traditional Japanese polearm weapon, along with various naginata skins to customize the weapon's appearance. These packs can only be obtained by pre-ordering the game and provide bonuses not available through standard gameplay.

When does the pre-order period end for Rise of the Ronin?

The pre-order period for Rise of the Ronin ends on the official release date of the game. Any copies of the game purchased after this date will not include the exclusive pre-order bonuses. The specific release date can vary between retailers and regions, so please check with the retailer where you intend to pre-order to confirm their pre-order deadline. To ensure you receive the bonuses, we recommend pre-ordering Rise of the Ronin as early as possible before the release date.

How long will I be able to redeem my pre-order code for the bonuses?

Pre-order redemption codes for Rise of the Ronin must be entered on the official website within 60 days of the game's release date. Any codes not redeemed during this period will expire and the bonuses will no longer be claimable. We suggest entering your code and claiming your bonuses as soon as you receive your pre-order confirmation email to avoid missing the redemption deadline.

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