How to Change Character Appearance in Once Human

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Changing your character's appearance in Once Human is straightforward but involves a cost. Follow these steps to customize your character.

Using a Chrysalis Token

Obtaining a Chrysalis Token

To start, you need a Chrysalis Token, essential for Once Human character customization. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Open Settings Menu: Press the Esc key to open the main settings menu.
  2. Enter the Shop: Navigate to the shop.
  3. Select Other Option: Click on the "Other" option.
  4. Purchase Chrysalis Token: Buy a Chrysalis Token for 480 Crystgin, which costs around $7-8.

Currently, buying a Chrysalis Token with real money is the only way to obtain it.

Building a Floor Mirror

Steps to Build the Mirror

Once you have the Chrysalis Token, you need to build a Floor Mirror in your territory to change your appearance:

  1. Open Build Menu: Press B on the keyboard to open the build menu.
  2. Select Furniture Tab: Go to the Furniture tab.
  3. Choose Furnishing Items: Select the Floor Mirror.
  4. Gather Materials: You need 20 logs and 10 Glass to construct the mirror.

The Floor Mirror is available without needing any unlocks.

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Changing Appearance

Using the Mirror

With the Chrysalis Token in your inventory and the Floor Mirror built, follow these steps:

  1. Access Character Creator: Interact with the Floor Mirror.
  2. Customize Appearance: Re-access the character creator to change your character’s appearance.

Remember, the Chrysalis Token is a one-time-use item. Choose your new appearance carefully to avoid buying another token.

Customizing Characters in Once Human

Customizing characters in Once Human is essential for personalizing your gameplay experience. The Once Human avatar appearance guide helps you navigate the steps to modify your character’s look.

Edit Character Features in Once Human

To edit character features in Once Human, make sure you have the necessary items and follow the guide above.

Modify Character in Once Human

Remember, you can only modify character in Once Human with a Chrysalis Token. Ensure you gather the required materials and follow the steps carefully.

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Once Human Appearance Settings

Adjusting Once Human appearance settings is possible with the right tools and materials. Use the Floor Mirror and Chrysalis Token for the best results.

Once Human Character Design Options

Explore various Once Human character design options by using the character creator tool. This will help you achieve the desired look for your avatar.

Once Human Avatar Customization Tips

Here are some tips for Once Human avatar customization:

  • Gather all necessary materials before starting.
  • Use the Floor Mirror effectively.
  • Choose your character’s new look wisely to avoid additional costs.


If you’re deep into the game and want to avoid restarting from scratch, using the Chrysalis Token is the best option to change your character's appearance. Make sure to follow the steps carefully and ensure you have the necessary materials and funds. This method is currently the only way to adjust your character's look in Once Human.

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