Helldivers 2 Review

helldivers 2 logoThe epic sequel to the hit twin-stick shooter Helldivers is finally here, and it does not disappoint. Strap on your stratagems and prepare for our Helldivers 2 Review.

Fact Details
Title Helldivers 2
Release Date 8th February 2024
Developers ArrowHead Game Studios
Genre Top-down shooter, action, cooperative
Platforms PlayStation & PC
Synopsis Helldivers 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the original Helldivers game. Players once again assume the role of elite soldiers, known as Helldivers, tasked with defending humanity against alien threats. Featuring intense top-down shooter action and cooperative gameplay, Helldivers 2 builds upon the successful formula of its predecessor with new missions, enemies, and customizable equipment. Prepare to dive into the chaos and fight for the future of mankind.
Key Features
  • Intense cooperative gameplay with up to four players
  • Procedurally generated missions for endless replayability
  • Diverse arsenal of weapons and equipment to customize loadouts
  • Strategic depth with friendly fire and dynamic battlefield conditions
  • Seamless cross-platform multiplayer experience
  • Fluid controls and responsive gameplay

Nonstop Chaotic Action

From the moment you drop onto a planet's surface, Helldivers 2 is pure chaos and adrenaline. Hordes of enemy troops, tanks, and mechs assault your position, laser fire and explosions fill the screen. You have to think on your feet, revive downed teammates, and fight your way through objectives. The difficulty ramps up steadily, and by the final planets, you'll be battling hundreds of foes at once!

Massive Arsenal of Weapons

Helldivers 2 gives you an huge array of weapons, stratagems, and perks to choose from. You can spec your Helldiver for close quarters combat, long range sniping, heavy weapons, or support. My favorite loadout is the Suppressor LMG for mowing down crowds, the Railcannon STR-9 for taking out enemy elites, and the Static Field stratagem for when things get really hairy.

Galactic Campaign

Helldivers 2's campaign spans 30 star systems across 5 sectors. Each planet has its own challenges, environments, and enemy factions. One mission may have you assaulting an enemy oil refinery in a jungle, the next defending a city from getting overrun in a desert. The objectives stay fresh, and conquering a sector feels like a genuine victory.

Helldivers 2 Review

Key Features of Helldivers 2

Massive Maps

The huge procedurally generated maps mean no two missions will ever be the same. You and your squad will fight through dense jungles, barren deserts, snowy tundras - the variety is endless! With dangers around every corner, you'll have to work together to survive.

Diverse Weaponry

Helldivers 2 features a huge arsenal of weapons to unlock and upgrade. From miniguns to railguns to toxic goo launchers, the armory has something for every playstyle. Find the perfect loadout to suit you, then customize it with mods and attachments.

Challenging Enemies

The enemies are relentless, from the Terminids to the Automatons, they'll keep you on your toes with smart tactics and devastating attacks.

Helldivers 2 Review

Why Fans of Top-Down Shooters Should Play Helldivers 2

As a top-down shooter fan, you owe it to yourself to dive into the chaotic co-op action of Helldivers 2! This sequel takes the intense combat of the original and amplifies it to an almost absurd degree.

Nonstop Action

The moment you drop onto a planet with your squad, enemy forces descend upon you in staggering numbers. There are always more bugs (now with wings), cyborgs, and illuminates to blast through as you struggle to complete objectives and call in support.

Seamless Co-Op

Playing with friends is where our Helldivers 2 review truly shines. Team up with up to 3 other players to coordinate attacks, watch each other’s backs, and desperately fight your way out of lethal ambushes. Reviving downed teammates before they’re overwhelmed adds an extra layer of tension and camaraderie. The seamless drop-in co-op and friendly fire means you’ll be accidentally (or not so accidentally) shooting each other as often as the enemy. The chaos and hilarity of playing with friends leads to gaming moments you’ll reminisce about for ages.

Helldivers 2 Review


With its over-the-top weapons, relentless alien hordes, and fully destructible environments, this sequel cranks the mayhem up to 11. Playing with friends makes it even more insane - accidentally crushing your buddies with supply drops never gets old! So suit up, grab some stratagems, and get ready to unleash explosive hell against the enemies of Super Earth. The fight's not over yet, soldier.

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