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With these simple tips listed in our Helldivers 2 Guide, you will be on your way to conquering in know time.

Getting Started with Our Helldivers 2 Guide

Choose a Difficulty Level

Helldivers 2 has three difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal and Hard. As a beginner, go with Easy or Normal to learn the ropes. You can always ramp up the challenge later.

Pick Your Equipment

You'll have access to primary weapons, secondary weapons, stratagems (special abilities), and perks (character bonuses) to customize your loadout. For starters, go with an assault rifle or shotgun as your primary, a pistol as your secondary, and basic stratagems like Ammo or Grenades. Don't worry too much about perks yet.

Focus on the Objectives

Each mission in Helldivers 2 has a main objective, like defending a base or assassinating an enemy leader. Pay attention to the briefing to know exactly what's required to complete the mission. Work with your squad to achieve the goals systematically.

Watch Your Friendly Fire

With so much action happening on screen, it's easy to hit your teammates by accident. Be extremely careful when firing near other Helldivers. If you do hit a teammate, apologize quickly using the comms menu. Friendly fire damages relationships and mission success.

Call for Help if Overwhelmed

Don't try to do everything yourself, especially when you're first starting out. If there are too many enemies, your equipment is running low, or you're just feeling stressed, call for backup. Your fellow Helldivers will come help you out of a tight spot.

With practice, you'll get the hang of working as a team, using the right equipment for each mission, and conquering objectives efficiently. But for now, take it slow, pay attention, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

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Key Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Move carefully

Helldivers is a challenging game, and you'll die a lot when you're first starting out. Make slow, deliberate movements using cover whenever possible. Check your map frequently and listen for enemy cues to avoid being flanked. And whatever you do, don't stop moving - stationary Helldivers are easy targets!

Call for backup

Don't try to conquer Helldivers alone, especially when you're inexperienced. Play co-op with friends or use the matchmaking system to join other players. Fellow Helldivers can revive you if you go down and provide assistance calling in stratagems. Together, you'll complete missions much more efficiently and have a better chance of survival. Hopefully the servers are working to full capacity at this point as there have been issues in the past.

Start on lower difficulties

As tempting as it might be to dive into the deep end, begin your Helldivers career on the easiest difficulty settings. Learn the basics on Planets with level 1 or 2 difficulty before moving on to harder environments. Lower difficulty means weaker enemies, more room for error, and less punishing consequences as you get familiar with the game. Difficulty 3 and above can be overwhelming until you've mastered the fundamentals.

Take your time and follow these tips, and you'll be conquering Helldivers in no time! Stay sharp out there, Helldiver.

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Frequently Asked Questions for New Helldivers

What weapons and perks should I focus on as a beginner?

As a new recruit, focus on versatile primary weapons like the Breaker shotgun or Patriot rifle, and the LIFT-850 jump pack for mobility. For perks, Prioritize things like Extra Magazines, Close Air Support (for emergencies), and Strategem Priority to speed up your support calls. These provide benefits without locking you into a particular playstyle.

How do I earn research points and unlock new gear?

You earn research points (RP) by completing missions and challenges. RP unlocks new primary weapons, perks, stratagems, and vanity items. Focus on the Urban Combat and Frontline Supply missions to quickly earn RP.

What are some effective strategies for beginners?

Some tips to get you started:

  • Stick with your team. Helldivers is built around squad co-op, so lone wolves tend to struggle.
  • Don't be afraid to call in support like turrets, mechs or vehicles. They provide firepower and cover.
  • Aim for center mass on most enemies. Only go for headshots on scouts and other light enemies.
  • Don't stop moving. Constantly reposition to avoid enemy fire and flank their positions.
  • Defend objectives instead of roaming. Pick a spot with cover near the objective and hold it.
  • Don't forget to reload! Run dry at the wrong moment and you're in trouble. Reload whenever you have a spare moment.

Following these tips will turn you into a hardened Helldiver in no time. Now grab your gear, trooper—Super Earth needs you!

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