GTA Online Adds Bottom Dollar Bounties

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GTA Online adds Bottom Dollar Bounties, a new event allowing players to experience life as a bounty hunter in Los Santos. However, the latest update has sparked controversy due to new paywalled features.

New Event: Bottom Dollar Bounties

Event Details

Bottom Dollar Bounties lets players track and capture targets for rewards. This event is part of GTA Online’s ongoing content updates.

Vinewood Club App

The update also introduces the Vinewood Club app. This app allows players to request vehicles, collect business earnings, and replenish ammo directly from their in-game phones.

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Controversial Paywalled Features

GTA+ Subscription Requirement

The Vinewood Club app is only available to GTA+ subscribers. This paywall costs $8 a month and has led to significant backlash from the community.

Community Reaction

Players are unhappy with Rockstar paywalling a highly requested quality-of-life feature. The ability to collect earnings without visiting each business location was a long-term request from the community.

Backlash and Criticism

GTA Online Quality-of-Life Feature Paywall

Players criticize Rockstar for locking essential features behind a paywall. The community feels that Rockstar is monetizing basic functionalities, leading to frustration.

GTA Online Latest Update Paywall Backlash

The backlash has intensified with players expressing their disappointment on forums and social media. Many feel that Rockstar is exploiting its player base with these paywalled features.

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Rockstar's Support and Future Concerns

Rockstar Paywalls GTA Online Improvements

Rockstar’s decision to paywall improvements has raised concerns about future updates. Players worry that more essential features will be locked behind the GTA+ subscription.

GTA Online Vinewood Club App Controversy

The Vinewood Club app controversy highlights the growing dissatisfaction among players. The community fears that such monetization tactics will continue in future updates and even in GTA 6.


GTA Online’s new event, Bottom Dollar Bounties, brings exciting gameplay, but the paywalled Vinewood Club app has sparked significant controversy. Players criticize Rockstar for locking essential features behind a subscription, raising concerns about the game's future direction.

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