Gear Up for Helldivers 2’s Epic Warbond Launch March 14

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Helldivers 2 Warbond Edition Launches March 14

New Weapons and Gear

The Warbond Edition comes packed with an arsenal of new toys for you to play with. We’re talking pulse cannons, plasma grenades, cloaking devices - this update has it all! Get ready to gear up and cause some serious damage. The pulse cannons will obliterate enemies in an instant with their rapid-fire energy blasts. Plasma grenades scatter bolts of superheated gas, melting anything in their path. And the cloaking device will turn you invisible so you can sneak up on your foes for a surprise attack.

Improved Combat

Combat in Helldivers 2 just got a whole lot more intense. Enemies are smarter, quicker and deadlier than ever before. You’ll have to master new combat techniques and skills to overcome the challenges they pose. The enemy AI has been revamped so foes employ advanced tactics like flanking maneuvers, retreats and call for reinforcements. Stay light on your feet, utilize cover, and watch each other’s backs or you might not make it out alive!

New Multiplayer Maps

This update also brings fresh locations for you and your squad to do battle in. From arid deserts to icy tundras, dense jungles to asteroid fields, each environment offers unique terrain and obstacles that add an extra layer of strategy to every match. Teamwork and communication will be key to overcoming your rivals on these larger-scale maps. The future of Helldivers multiplayer looks very promising!

So suit up, grab your gear and prepare to deploy, Helldivers! An epic war is about to begin. The Warbond Edition marches onto the scene March 14. See you on the battlefield!

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First Look at New Weapons and Armor in Helldivers 2

Gear up, Helldivers—it's time to check out the new tools of destruction coming your way in Helldivers 2!

New Primary Weapons

Say hello to the Arc Shotgun, Particle Cannon, and Plasma Rifle. The Arc Shotgun unleashes bolts of lightning to fry enemies at close range. The Particle Cannon fires concentrated energy blasts to melt anything in your path. And the Plasma Rifle rapidly spits hot plasma death at mid-range targets.

New Strategems

Strategems are getting an upgrade too. Call down the Hellfire Bomb to scorch the earth, leaving nothing but ashes. The Shredder Missile swarms enemies with a barrage of mini rockets. And the Railcannon Strike obliterates objectives with a single massive slug moving at hypersonic speed.

New Armor and Perks

Toughen up with new armor like the Juggernaut Suit, able to withstand insane amounts of punishment. The Scout Suit boosts speed and stealth for fast flanking maneuvers. New perks include Berserker, which enhances damage output as health gets lower, and Regenerator, which provides constant health regeneration during combat.

With all these new tools and upgrades, the Helldivers are poised to unleash a whole new level of righteous fury on the enemies of Super Earth! The future looks bright, Helldivers—now get out there and make the galaxy a safer place!

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Additional Features and Gameplay Changes Coming in Helldivers 2

The developers have been busy bees, prepping tons of new features for the launch of Helldivers 2. Get ready for nonstop action with faster combat, more weapons, and slick new armor.

New Weapons and Gear

You'll have a blast with the new guns, stratagems and perks! Shred enemies with the buzzsaw-shooting ‘Buzzcannon’ or vaporize them with the laser-powered ‘Nullifier.’ Call in the ‘Shredder Missile’ stratagem to unleash a swarm of mini warheads.

Faster, More Fluid Combat

Helldivers 2 ramps up the speed and intensity. Combat feels ultra-smooth, with quicker dodging, reloading and stratagem deployment. You’ll zoom around levels with the new dash ability and grappling hook. Pummel aliens at lightning speed!

Customizable Armor

Style your trooper with collectible armor pieces for the first time. Unlock helmets, chest plates and shoulder pads as you level up, each with unique stats to match your playstyle. The new transmog system lets you freely change the look of your gear without affecting stats. Now you’ll really look the part of Super Earth’s finest!

Many More Surprises

Helldivers 2 is jam-packed with extra goodies we can’t reveal yet. Suffice it to say, there are more weapons, levels, enemies, and gameplay tweaks in store at launch. The war effort needs you, recruit! Suit up, grab your Stratagem beacon and get ready to spread democracy across the galaxy. For Super Earth!

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