Fortnite’s Rocket Racing: The Coolest Update Yet!

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After hours of playing and laughing we have provided an honest opion about the new patch, but the question remains, is Fortnite's Rocket Racing The Coolest Update Yet?

Blast Off! An Overview of Fortnite's New Rocket Racing Mode

Choose Your Ride

When the Rocket Racing update dropped on December 8th, Fortnite added a new set of X-4 Stormwing planes specifically designed for racing. These sleek rockets are faster and more maneuverable than the standard Stormwings, allowing for tight turns and speed boosts to get ahead of the competition.

Activate Boosts

Rocket Racing isn't just about flying in circles - you'll need to make strategic use of speed boosts to win. Hitting checkpoint rings activates a short speed boost, and eliminating other racers also triggers a boost. Time your boosts carefully on straightaways and turns to overtake the leaders.

A New Strategy

While Battle Royale is all about being the last one standing, Rocket Racing requires a different strategy. Here, the goal is to complete 3 laps around the race course as quickly as possible. Focus on perfecting your racing line, timing your boosts, and avoiding collisions to cross the finish line first.

With rocket planes, boost pads, and a new racing mentality, Rocket Racing brings an exciting twist to Fortnite. Strap in, start your engines, and enjoy the thrill of competition in this heart-pounding new game mode! The race is on.

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Rocket Customization - Pimp Your Ride Fortnite Style

Pick Your Ride

You'll start by choosing one of three rocket types: the sleek X-Wing, the sturdy Falcon, or the speedy TIE fighter. Each handles differently and has unique boost abilities, so test drive them all to find your favorite.

Customize Your Color

Once you've picked your rocket, it's time to make it your own. Change the primary and secondary colors to match your outfit or just your favorite hues. There are tons of matte and metallic options to choose from. You can even add custom decals and stickers to put your own stamp on it.

Upgrade for Victory

Don't stop at a paint job - upgrade your rocket's performance too. Increase your speed and acceleration with a titanium-alloy engine or add stabilizing fins for tighter turns. Equip shield generators for protection or a cloaking device to sneak up on opponents. With all these options, you'll be dominating matches in no time!

The customization in Fortnite's Rocket Racing is unparalleled. You have full control to design a rocket that matches your playstyle and personality. Between performance upgrades, cosmetic changes, and the different rocket types, the possibilities are endless. Time to put the pedal to the metal, jump in your newly pimped out ride and show off your skills! What are you waiting for? Start designing your dream rocket today!

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Top Tips for Dominating the Skies in Rocket Racing

To be the best rocket racer, you need to employ expert strategies. Follow these tips to leave your opponents in the dust.

Master the controls

The rocket racing vehicles handle differently than any other vehicle in Fortnite. Spend time in the Battle Lab or Playground modes practicing how the boosters, stabilizers, and steering respond at different speeds. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be zooming past competitors in no time.

Choose the right path

The racecourses have lots of twists and turns, so plot the most direct path to navigate them quickly. Look for shortcuts and openings that provide a straight shot to the next checkpoint. The courses also have boost rings—fly through as many as possible to maximize your speed.

Play offense

Don’t just focus on the course; keep an eye on your opponents. Shoot their vehicles with your rocket launcher or plasma cannon to damage their engines and slow them down. You can also ram into other racers to knock them off course. Take every opportunity to hinder the other drivers and clear the path ahead.

Activate power-ups

As you race, you’ll come across power-ups like shields, turbos, mines, and EMPs. Grab these power-ups to gain an advantage, then activate them at strategic points on the course. For example, drop mines behind you to deter followers or use a turbo to blaze through a shortcut. With the power-ups on your side, the race is yours for the taking!

Following these tips will transform you into a pro rocket racer in no time. Now get out there, fly fast, and leave the competition in the dust!

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