Fortnite Guide: How to Configure Your Rift Beacons Efficiently

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One of the most iconic X-Men characters is available to recruit in Fortnite. To add Magneto to your locker, you must complete specific quests. One crucial quest requires you to find and configure Rift Beacons around the map. This task can be tricky if you're unfamiliar with Rift Beacons or their locations. This guide will help you understand how to configure Rift Beacons in Fortnite.

Understanding Rift Beacons

Rift Beacons are the solar panels from Chapter Two, Season Four, created by Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. Configuring these beacons is part of the Magneto questline, which teases a possible Marvel season based on the leaked 2024 roadmap. The Rift Beacons were added alongside Metallica in the June 13 update. Their sole function is for this specific quest.

How to Configure Rift Beacons in Fortnite

Finding the Rift Beacons

To complete the quest, you need to visit three Rift Beacons located around the map. The locations are as follows:

  1. Sandy Steppes: The first Rift Beacon is near the north edge of Sandy Steppes, sitting on a cliff outside the house where Hope is located. Consider talking to her for the "Welcome to the Wasteland" quest before leaving.
  2. The Underworld: The second Rift Beacon is on a mountain just north of The Underworld. Approach the mountain from the south to avoid the tricky climb, or bring Nitro Fists or a Mythic car for an easier trip.
  3. Grand Glacier: The third Rift Beacon is north of Grand Glacier, on a mountain overlooking the hotel at the edge of this POI.

Configuring the Rift Beacons

Once you reach a Rift Beacon, get close and interact with it. The button you need to press varies by platform but will appear once you're near enough. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to configure Rift Beacons in Fortnite:

  1. Approach the Beacon: Get close to the Rift Beacon. The interaction prompt will appear on your screen.
  2. Interact: Press the button that appears. This will configure the Rift Beacon.
  3. Repeat: Do this for all three Rift Beacons.

Tips for Efficient Configuration

The three Rift Beacons are far apart, so it might take multiple rounds to activate all of them. To complete the quest in one game, use a vehicle with mods to move quickly and avoid combat.

  1. Use Vehicles: A car with mods can help you travel faster between beacons.
  2. Avoid Combat: Focus on the beacons and avoid unnecessary fights.
  3. Plan Your Route: Start at the closest beacon and move to the next logically.

Completing the Magneto Quest

Once all three Rift Beacons are configured, the quest is complete. You can then claim the Magneto wrap and get closer to unlocking the regular Magneto style. Remember, you also need to obtain Magneto’s Gauntlets and visit the Weapon X Lab to complete all tasks.


Configuring Rift Beacons is a key part of unlocking Magneto in Fortnite. By following this guide on how to configure Rift Beacons in Fortnite, you can efficiently complete this quest. Visit the specified locations, interact with the beacons, and use vehicles to travel quickly. Good luck, and enjoy adding Magneto to your locker!

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