Football Manager 2025: What We Know So Far

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What We Know So Far About Football Manager 2025

Football Manager 2025 is shaping up to be an exciting installment in the series. Sports Interactive has unveiled significant changes and improvements. Here, we’ll explore Football Manager 2025 features, details, and updates, providing a comprehensive overview.

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Football Manager 2025 Features and New Additions

Football Manager 2025 brings numerous new features and enhancements to the popular simulation game. However, Sports Interactive has confirmed the absence of several modes and features in Football Manager 2025.

These include:

  • Touchline Shouts
  • Create a Club
  • Versus Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Fantasy Draft
  • Social Media Screen
  • Touchline Shouts (removed due to delayed execution and unclear duration).

Enhanced Match Engine With Unity

The match engine has been significantly improved in FM25, which represents a major milestone for the series, marking its transition to the Unity game engine.  Unity is the developer behind the popular city builder series Cities: Skylines. The switch to Unity will greatly enhance graphical power across all platforms and introduce robust user interface tools.

A completely new UI will significantly improve your interaction with the game, both during and outside of a matchday. The UI uses a 'tile and card' system, presenting information more intuitively.

While this transition promises better-quality graphics across all supported devices, it is expected that the minimum system requirements will become more demanding.

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Latest Updates for Football Manager 2025

Recent Football Manager 2025 updates reveal a multi-year partnership with the Premier League. This ensures all 20 top-division clubs are officially licensed. This collaboration is a significant addition to the game’s realism and authenticity.

On June 27, 2024, studio director Miles Jacobson provided further insights into the upcoming release. Concept images of the new UI were shared, highlighting the game's aesthetic and functional changes. The new UI allows for future scalability and consistent user experience improvements.

A major change is the replacement of the traditional Inbox with a 'Portal.' The Portal offers a richer experience, reflecting modern football managers' reliance on smartphones over laptops. It combines agenda, messages, news, and match updates in one streamlined interface.

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What to Expect from Football Manager 2025

So, what to expect from Football Manager 2025? The game will offer significant improvements in user experience and match engine enhancements. The new 'tile and card' system will encourage exploration and provide detailed information seamlessly.

The match highlight screen has also been revamped to utilize the 'tile and card' system effectively. This screen will offer deeper insights and a more engaging match-day experience.

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Football Manager 2025 Release Date and Announcements

The Football Manager 2025 release date will be announced in early September 2024. Following this, new gameplay features will be unveiled, likely increasing anticipation among fans. The release is expected in the first few weeks of November 2024.

Additionally, an official Football Manager Podcast is in the works. This podcast will feature interviews and stories from the professional football world. It will also include segments about the game, providing more in-depth knowledge and updates.


Football Manager 2025 is set to introduce groundbreaking changes with its new features, enhanced UI, and official Premier League licensing. These Football Manager 2025 features will undoubtedly elevate the gaming experience. Keep an eye out for further Football Manager 2025 updates and prepare for an exciting release in November 2024.

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