Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Producer Retained to Maintain Series Vision

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Producer Kitase Ensures Series Continuity

Creative Vision

As producer of the original Final Fantasy 7, Yoshinori Kitase has remained deeply involved in the Remake and Rebirth titles to maintain series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s creative vision. Kitase has said “we want to recreate the world of Final Fantasy 7 for modern platforms, not simply reimagine it.”

Attention to Detail

Under Kitase’s leadership, no detail is overlooked. The weapons, Materia, mini-games and locations from the original have been painstakingly recreated. The storyline has been expanded with additional depth and character backstories, while still preserving pivotal moments that fans know and love.

Commitment to Quality

Kitase is uncompromising in his commitment to quality. He has handpicked developers for their passion, scrutinized every design decision, and delayed releases to perfect the gaming experience. His dedication has paid off, with the Remake receiving widespread critical acclaim and multiple awards.

Looking Ahead

With Part 1 complete and Part 2 (Rebirth) on the horizon, fans can rest assured the series is in good hands. Under Kitase’s guidance, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake project will continue honoring the original while weaving an even richer, more poignant story. His intimate understanding of the vision behind this seminal work positions him to steward the re-imagining of this classic for new audiences.

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How Kitase-San Is Keeping True to Original FF7 Vision

Maintaining The Vision

As producer of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Yoshinori Kitase is dedicated to preserving the original vision for the beloved game. Kitase-san served as director for the original Final Fantasy VII, released in 1997, and has said "I feel a great deal of responsibility to not betray the trust of the fans and to make sure I realize the vision I had back then."

Guiding A New Team

Though many of the original Final Fantasy VII development team members have moved on, Kitase-san's involvement helps provide continuity. His role allows him to share insights into the game's themes and ensure key story beats are hit. At the same time, Kitase-san gives the new development team freedom to improve on the original. "I do not want to just create the same thing again. I want to create something that takes advantage of modern technology and elevates the experience to a whole new level," Kitase-san has stated.

Focusing On Characters And Story

For Kitase-san, the most crucial elements of Final Fantasy VII are its characters and story. He aims to recreate pivotal scenes to elicit the same emotions in players as the original game. At the same time, Kitase-san wants to explore the backstories and character arcs more deeply using modern tools. "My goal is to recreate the characters and story of Final Fantasy VII in a way that feels familiar but fresh, so that both new players and long-time fans can enjoy this re-imagining of a classic tale."

With Kitase-san's guidance, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth seems poised to achieve a perfect balance: recreating the magic of an old favorite while crafting an entirely new experience. Under his leadership, the series' original vision will live on.

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What Fans Can Expect in FF7 Rebirth Thanks to Kitase

Continuity with Original Vision

With Kitase remaining involved as producer, fans can expect FF7 Rebirth to stay faithful to the original creative vision for the story and world. As director of the original FF7, Kitase understands deeply the themes, tone, and lore that shaped the game. His role as producer will allow him to guide the remakes to capture the essence of what made the original so impactful.

Deeper Character Development

The FF7 remakes provide an opportunity to flesh out and develop characters in greater depth. Kitase has said he wants to use the remakes to add more background and personality to characters. Fans can likely expect to gain more insight into characters’ motivations, backstories, relationships and personal struggles. The remakes may reveal new sides to familiar characters, adding poignancy and nuance.

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Expanded Story

While following the core story of the original, the remakes allow space to expand upon plot points and add additional details. Kitase has said he wants to use the remakes to “clarify parts of the story that were a bit vague in the original.” Fans can expect additional context around major story events, a chance to explore more of the FF7 universe, and potentially entirely new story content. The remakes may fill in gaps, reveal connections, and enhance fans’ understanding of the full scope of the story.

With Kitase at the helm, fans can feel assured the essence of what made FF7 memorable will remain intact. Deeper insights into characters and story, combined with expanded world-building, will serve to elevate the remakes into an even more compelling experience. While bringing the game into the modern era, Kitase's involvement helps ensure it stays true to its roots.

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