Epic Games Refunds Fortnite Emotes

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W e have all the latest news surrounding Epic Games Refunds Fortnite Emotes due to several complaints being made to the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

Background on the Fortnite Emote Controversy

Emote lawsuits and refunds

Epic Games has recently been involved in lawsuits regarding certain emotes (dances) in Fortnite that were alleged to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the original creators. As a result, Epic Games will refund players who purchased two emotes: The Side Shuffle and Jubi Slide.

The Side Shuffle and Jubi Slide emotes

The Side Shuffle emote was inspired by Russell Horning, also known as the “Backpack Kid,” who created the flossing dance. Jubi Slide was inspired by the Mateo Grau-sponsored Swipe It dance. Both emotes were introduced to Fortnite, but following legal disputes, Epic Games has decided to remove them from the item shop and refund players who made purchases.

Epic’s emote policy and history of lawsuits

Epic Games has a policy that any emote directly inspired by an individual’s creative work will credit that creator. However, for The Side Shuffle and Jubi Slide emotes, Epic failed to obtain proper permission from or provide appropriate credit to the creators before selling the emotes. This has resulted in legal action against Epic, including lawsuits from Russell Horning and Mateo Grau. To remedy this situation, Epic is refunding all purchases of the emotes in question and re-evaluating their emote approval process.

Going forward, Epic Games has pledged to improve their emote creation process to ensure that all intellectual property rights are respected. Any emote even remotely inspired by an individual’s creative work will require the creator’s permission before being introduced to the Fortnite item shop. By taking accountability, providing refunds, and updating their policies, Epic hopes to avoid similar controversies and legal issues with emotes in the future.

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Epic Games Offers Refunds for Two Emotes

Apology and Refund Offer

Epic Games Refunds Fortnite Emotes and provides an official apology and refund offer for players who purchased the ‘Side Shuffle’ and ‘Jubi Slide’ emotes in Fortnite. The company admitted the emotes were very similar to others already in the game, leading to complaints from players about lack of originality.

How to Claim Your Refund

If you purchased either the ‘Side Shuffle’ or ‘Jubi Slide’ emotes, you are eligible for a full refund in the form of V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency. Simply log into your Epic Games account and navigate to the Purchase History page. Find the emote purchase in question and select ‘Request Refund’. Your V-Bucks will be refunded to your account balance within 3-5 business days.

Epic’s Commitment to Player Satisfaction

Epic Games is known for listening to player feedback and taking action when needed. The company’s swift decision to offer refunds and an official apology for these emotes shows their commitment to player satisfaction and the overall quality of content in Fortnite. Epic wants players to feel they are getting original, fun items for their V-Bucks and will make amends when that is not the case.

While the emotes themselves were relatively minor parts of the game, Epic’s handling of this situation demonstrates why Fortnite continues to have such an engaged, loyal player base. When companies admit their mistakes, take responsibility, and make things right, it fosters goodwill and builds trust between them and their customers. Kudos to Epic Games for getting this one right and keeping their players happy.

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Looking Ahead: What This Means for Fortnite and the Gaming Industry

The Decision Signals Epic’s Commitment to Player Satisfaction

Epic Games’ decision to refund players who purchased the Side Shuffle and Jubi Slide emotes demonstrates the company’s dedication to prioritizing player experience. By offering refunds for cosmetic items that did not meet expectations, Epic maintains goodwill with its player base and builds trust in the brand. This proactive response helps ensure that any future controversies will not significantly damage the relationship Epic has built with players or negatively impact Fortnite’s success and longevity.

Other Companies May Follow Suit

Epic’s move could inspire other gaming companies to adopt more player-friendly policies and practices. Issuing refunds for digital goods that disappoint players or fail to function as advertised is relatively uncommon in the industry. However, as the gaming market becomes increasingly competitive, companies may need to focus more on customer service and satisfaction to retain players and encourage brand loyalty. Offering refunds, improving transparency, and soliciting player feedback are all strategies that can help build player goodwill.

The Future is Bright for Fortnite

With over 350 million registered players, Fortnite continues to dominate the battle royale genre and push the boundaries of what is possible with live virtual events and new game modes. By maintaining a focus on player experience, continuous updates and improvements, and a willingness to make things right when needed, Epic Games has built a model for success that will ensure Fortnite’s popularity and impact on gaming for years to come. Overall, the future remains bright for Fortnite and its dedicated player base.

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