When Will Call of Duty Titles Be Added to Xbox Game Pass?

You have been eagerly awaiting but the question still remains, when will Call of Duty titles be added to Xbox Game Pass? This popular first-person shooter franchise joining the subscription service could finally solve the storage space issues you face from massive install sizes. With cloud gaming support, swapping between multiple Call of Duty games…

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Xbox Confirms 6 Games for April

Unleash Chaos in “Orcs Must Die! 3” One of the most exciting additions to the Xbox Game Pass catalog is “Orcs Must Die! 3,” the latest installment in the beloved tower defense franchise from Sinclouded. As players once again step into the shoes of the War Mage and the Sorceress, they’ll face off against endless…

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Official Xbox Wireless Headset Now Reduced At Amazon & Target

Overview of the Official Xbox Wireless Headset Design and Build The Official Xbox Wireless Headset features a sturdy yet lightweight design for long-lasting comfort. It has thick overhead and earpad cushions, with the earpads made of soft breathable fabric. The headset also has an adjustable sizing strap to ensure a secure fit for different head…

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Xbox President Confirms Next-Generation Console Is Underway

Xbox President Sarah Bond Confirms Next-Gen Console in Development Development of Next-Generation Xbox Underway Xbox President Sarah Bond confirmed that development of the next-generation Xbox console is “full speed ahead.” In an interview, Bond stated that the Xbox team is “deep into architecture for the next generation of Xbox consoles, with an obsessive focus on…

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Xbox One Controllers on Xbox Series X?

As a gamer, you have likely accumulated various Xbox One controllers over the years. When you upgrade to the Xbox Series X, you may wonder if you can continue using your existing controllers or if you need to purchase new ones. This article provides helpful information to answer that question, so you can determine if…

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Xbox Insiders Test Mouse and Keyboard on Cloud Gaming

Xbox Insiders Gain Access to Mouse and Keyboard Support on Cloud Gaming As an Xbox Insider, you now have the opportunity to test out mouse and keyboard support on Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta). This input method provides an alternative to the standard Xbox Wireless Controller for gameplay in the cloud. Compatible Devices To utilize mouse…

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Microsoft Native Xbox Handheld Gaming Prototype

Microsoft Native Xbox Handheld Gaming Prototype image 2

Microsoft Developing New Xbox Handheld Gaming Device Focusing on Mobile Gaming Experience Microsoft is currently developing a prototype for a dedicated Xbox handheld gaming device to provide an optimized gaming experience on the go. The new device will focus on delivering a premium mobile gaming experience for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Featuring a custom…

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Xbox Game Pass Releases In April

Xbox Game Pass Releases In April image 1

Harold Halibut Coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 16 Microsoft confirmed today that the stop-motion animated adventure game Harold Halibut will launch on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC on April 16th. Developed by Slow Bros., Harold Halibut is set in a retro-futuristic underwater city and follows the adventures of the titular protagonist…

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Xbox Racing Experience

Xbox Racing Experience image 1

Lets look into the the best options on the market to provide you with the greatest Xbox Racing Experience possible. Top Racing Wheels for Xbox Series X|S Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel For a premium racing experience, the Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel is an excellent choice. It features a brushed metal design, suede leather…

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The Future of Xbox

The Future of Xbox image 1

Xbox at a Crossroads: Evaluating the Future of Consoles Xbox is currently evaluating whether dedicated gaming consoles have a viable future as cloud gaming services gain momentum. Cloud Gaming Poses a Threat Cloud gaming allows players to stream video games over the internet, eliminating the need for physical consoles. Services like Nvidia GeForce Now enable…

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