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Xbox Insiders Gain Access to Mouse and Keyboard Support on Cloud Gaming

As an Xbox Insider, you now have the opportunity to test out mouse and keyboard support on Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta). This input method provides an alternative to the standard Xbox Wireless Controller for gameplay in the cloud.

Compatible Devices

To utilize mouse and keyboard input, you will need a wired or Bluetooth-enabled mouse and keyboard. Most standard mouse and keyboard sets should work with Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, some gaming-specific models may not be compatible. It is best to test your preferred mouse and keyboard to ensure full functionality before relying on them as your primary input method.

Enabling Mouse and Keyboard Input

To enable mouse and keyboard input in Xbox Cloud Gaming, first make sure your mouse, keyboard, and Xbox Wireless Controller are connected to your device. Then, start a game in Xbox Cloud Gaming and press the Menu button on your Xbox Wireless Controller to open the in-game menu. Select “Enable mouse and keyboard” to turn on this input method. Your mouse and keyboard will now control gameplay. To disable mouse and keyboard input, open the in-game menu again and select “Disable mouse and keyboard.”

Supported Games

Not all games support mouse and keyboard input. The specific games that have enabled this functionality will provide an option to toggle mouse and keyboard input on or off in the in-game menu. As more titles are updated, the number of games supporting this option will increase. Check the Xbox Cloud Gaming library to see which games currently allow mouse and keyboard input.

Providing feedback about your experience with mouse and keyboard support will help improve the feature. Feel free to share your thoughts on the Xbox Insider forums or through the Report a Problem option on the Xbox Insider Hub app on your Xbox console.

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How to Enable Mouse and Keyboard Controls on Xbox Cloud Gaming

To utilize mouse and keyboard controls for Xbox Cloud Gaming, you must first enable the feature in the Xbox Insider Hub app.

Downloading the Xbox Insider Hub

The Xbox Insider Hub app allows Xbox Insiders to preview new features and provide feedback to help improve the Xbox experience. You can download the Xbox Insider Hub for free on your Xbox console or Windows 10 PC.

Enrolling in the Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) ring

Once you have downloaded the Xbox Insider Hub app, you must enroll your account in the Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) ring to access the preview and enable mouse and keyboard support. To do so, open the Xbox Insider Hub app and select Insider content > Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) > Join. Read through the terms and conditions, then select Join to enroll in the ring.

Enabling mouse and keyboard controls

After enrolling in the Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) ring, mouse and keyboard controls will automatically become available for you to configure in the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience. You have the option to enable or disable mouse and keyboard input for each individual cloud gaming session.

To utilize this new feature, connect a wired or Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to your Windows 10 PC or compatible mobile device and launch the Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) app. Prior to launching a game, you will see an option to “Enable mouse and keyboard” or “Disable mouse and keyboard”. Select “Enable mouse and keyboard” and your inputs will now control the game. You may need to adjust the mouse sensitivity for some games.

We hope this early preview allows you to experience Xbox Cloud Gaming in new ways. Please provide feedback on your experience to help us continue improving the service.

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The Benefits of Using Mouse and Keyboard for Cloud Gaming on Xbox

Using a mouse and keyboard for Xbox cloud gaming provides several key advantages over a standard controller.

Increased Precision

A mouse allows for far greater precision and accuracy compared to a controller's analog sticks. This can translate to improved aiming and control in shooter and strategy games. The mouse is designed specifically for the fast, accurate movements required in many PC games.


A keyboard has many more buttons than a controller, allowing for extensive customization and shortcut keys. This enables complex controls and macros that are not possible with a controller. Keyboards and mice also allow for tailored sensitivity, key mapping, and other custom options to suit your personal preferences.


For those accustomed to PC gaming, a mouse and keyboard will feel familiar and intuitive. The keyboard and mouse control scheme has been the dominant input method for PC games for decades. Xbox cloud gaming with mouse and keyboard support opens up a huge library of games to players who prefer that control method.

Competitive Advantage

In competitive multiplayer games, especially shooters, the precision and speed of a mouse and keyboard gives players an advantage. For this reason, many games match players based on their input method. Xbox cloud gaming's mouse and keyboard support will allow you to be matched with other PC gamers.

Support for mouse and keyboard is still limited, but continues to expand. As one of the first console platforms to offer this option, Xbox is opening their system to new players and new ways of experiencing games. For the right titles, a mouse and keyboard can provide a definitive way to play on Xbox cloud gaming.

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