When Will Call of Duty Titles Be Added to Xbox Game Pass?

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You have been eagerly awaiting but the question still remains, when will Call of Duty titles be added to Xbox Game Pass?

This popular first-person shooter franchise joining the subscription service could finally solve the storage space issues you face from massive install sizes. With cloud gaming support, swapping between multiple Call of Duty games without long downloads eating up your console's limited capacity may soon be a reality.

Both players and developers stand to benefit from this potential partnership. Still, fans on platforms outside of Xbox hope the bloated file sizes themselves get reduced someday. For now, Game Pass looks like the best bet for enjoying Call of Duty's latest entries without breaking your storage bank.

The Benefits of Adding Call of Duty to Xbox Game Pass

Massive File Sizes Solved

The Call of Duty franchise is notorious for its massive file sizes that require huge amounts of storage space and long download times. By adding Call of Duty titles to Xbox Game Pass, players could access multiple games through cloud gaming without needing to download the full files or worry about storage space on their consoles. This could allow Call of Duty fans to easily swap between different titles in the franchise without tedious downloads or storage issues.

Added Value for Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass subscribers would gain a great deal of added value if Call of Duty titles were included. The Call of Duty series is one of the most popular franchises, so adding these blockbuster titles could attract new subscribers and encourage existing members to renew their subscriptions. This would benefit both players, who gain access to more high-quality games, as well as Microsoft, which could see a boost in Xbox Game Pass memberships.

A Partial Solution

While adding Call of Duty to Xbox Game Pass could help solve some problems, it is not a complete solution. Players on other platforms do not have access to Xbox Game Pass and its cloud gaming options. They would still need to deal with massive storage requirements and long download times to play Call of Duty games. Ultimately, the franchise needs to find ways to compress its file sizes to make the experience better for all players, not just those on Xbox. Still, Xbox Game Pass integration could be an interim solution that provides benefits in the meantime.

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Current Availability of Call of Duty Titles on Game Pass

At this time, none of the main Call of Duty titles are available on Xbox Game Pass. While Microsoft owns the Call of Duty franchise after acquiring Activision Blizzard, the popular first-person shooter series has not yet been added to the subscription service.

Limited Time Offers

There have been a few limited time offers in the past, such as Call of Duty: WWII being available for a month in 2019 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for three months in 2020. However, the major titles like Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard are still missing from the Game Pass library.

Potential for Addition

With Microsoft now owning the Call of Duty IP, many expect the franchise to eventually fully join Xbox Game Pass. Adding the popular series to Game Pass could provide substantial value for subscribers while also boosting subscription numbers for Microsoft. At the same time, it may alleviate storage space issues that have plagued recent Call of Duty titles, as players could access the games through the cloud without large downloads.

Concerns Remain

While Call of Duty on Game Pass seems an inevitability, some concerns remain. PlayStation and PC players are still hoping for smaller file sizes regardless of platform. Game Pass is also not a solution for all, as some prefer to own games outright rather than through a subscription model. There are also questions around how new releases would work, such as if major titles would join Game Pass immediately or still require a separate purchase initially.

Potential Issues

Overall, Call of Duty joining Xbox Game Pass could solve some problems but also raises new questions. The potential benefits are substantial, yet concerns linger for players across all platforms. The move may be inevitable, but the specifics around how the franchise is integrated into Game Pass remain to be seen. With Activision now under Microsoft's umbrella, the coming years will reveal how this powerhouse pairing might evolve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Call of Duty Games on Xbox Game Pass?

Currently, the Call of Duty franchise titles are not available on Xbox Game Pass. However, there are rumors that Activision Blizzard may add select Call of Duty games to the subscription service in the future.

When Will Call of Duty be on Xbox Game Pass?

Adding Call of Duty titles to Xbox Game Pass could provide benefits for both players and developers. For players, Game Pass would allow simple access to multiple Call of Duty games without the need to download massive game files or worry about storage limitations. Players could easily switch between different Call of Duty games as they choose. For developers and publishers like Activision Blizzard, inclusion on Game Pass has the potential to boost subscriptions and engagement.

File Size

File sizes have been an ongoing issue with recent Call of Duty games, with titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare occupying over 200GB of storage. Game Pass utilizes cloud streaming technology which allows players to stream games rather than downloading the full game file. This could help alleviate concerns over storage space, though internet bandwidth and connectivity may still present challenges for some players.

It Makes Sense

While Call of Duty’s addition to Game Pass could solve some problems, it is not a comprehensive solution. Players on platforms other than Xbox would still face massive file downloads with each new release. Call of Duty fans across all systems are eager to see file sizes decrease to more reasonable levels. For now, the rumors of select Call of Duty titles joining Xbox Game Pass provide a glimmer of hope, even if just for Xbox players. The potential benefits of this partnership are clear, though only time will tell if Activision Blizzard opts to make that move.


In summary, Call of Duty is not currently available on Xbox Game Pass, though there are indications it could join the service to provide benefits for players and developers alike. Game Pass’s cloud streaming abilities may help reduce file size concerns, but more work is still needed to address storage demands across all platforms. While promising, a Call of Duty-Game Pass partnership is still speculative. Fans can only wait and see if this possibility becomes reality.

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You have considered the benefits and drawbacks of Call of Duty titles potentially being added to Xbox Game Pass. While it could offer conveniences like cloud gaming and storage solutions for Xbox players, the fundamental issue of massive file sizes would remain unsolved for other platforms. Ultimately, Activision and Microsoft hold the cards here. If they choose to bring CoD to Game Pass, it could be a win-win - boosting subscription numbers for Microsoft while still earning revenue for Activision. However, to truly satisfy the community, the companies need to address file size bloat at its core across all platforms. The ball is in their court to make a decision that appeases both business needs and player frustrations.

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