How to Get Feces in Soulmask

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Collecting every resource is crucial in Soulmask. Sometimes you need to get Feces to nourish your crops and make fertilizers. This guide will show you How to get Feces in Soulmask efficiently.

Why You Need Feces

Fertilizers made with feces speed up plant growth, giving you higher yields. Growing crops is vital for sustaining your tribe.

Animal Farms

Building Animal Farms

You can get feces by building animal farms. Set up a capybara pen, turkey coop, or other animal enclosures.

Breeding Animals

Feed animals with food and water troughs. They will slowly generate feces, which you can collect and turn into fertilizers.

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Building an Outhouse

Unlocking the Outhouse

Another way to get feces is by constructing an Outhouse. You’ll unlock this building after reaching Awareness Strength level 15 in the Technology and Knowledge tree.

Constructing the Outhouse

To make an Outhouse, go to your Building Workshop and use:

  • 40 Thatch
  • 10 Hardwood Planks
  • 5 Ceramic Molds

Using the Outhouse

Place the Outhouse on a foundation. Use it by clicking E. After a set interval, it produces feces. Your tribe members also use the Outhouse, keeping your supply steady.

Automating Feces Collection

Automate a tribe member to collect feces and store them in boxes. This keeps your resources organized.

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Collecting Feces from Mounts

Your animal mounts produce feces while waiting. Collect these and store them to make fertilizers.


Knowing How to get Feces in Soulmask is essential for efficient farming. Use animal farms, build an Outhouse, and collect feces from mounts to ensure a steady supply for your crops.


  1. Animal Farms: Breed animals in pens and collect feces.
  2. Outhouse: Construct and use it to produce feces.
  3. Mounts: Collect feces from waiting mounts.

By following these steps, you'll efficiently gather feces and boost your farming productivity in Soulmask.

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