Dragon’s Dogma 2 Outrage

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The Backlash Against Dragon's Dogma 2's $70 Price Point

Are you one of many who are against the price which has caused so much Dragon's Dogma 2 Outrage? Fans are fuming over Capcom's decision to price Dragon's Dogma 2 at $70?

A Price Hike of Over 50%!

Can you believe Capcom is charging $70 for a standard edition of Dragon's Dogma 2? That's a massive 53% increase over the usual $60 price tag for new video games. For a special edition, you'll have to shell out $80! Capcom is testing the limits of what fans are willing to pay.

Fans Aren't Happy

Dragon's Dogma fans are passionate about the series, but $70 seems to be pushing the boundaries of good faith. Die-hard fans feel like they're being taken advantage of by a company they've loyally supported for years. The backlash on social media has been swift and brutal. Fans are threatening to boycott the game altogether if Capcom doesn't lower the price.

Will Capcom Budge?

With fans in an uproar, all eyes are on Capcom now. Will the company stand firm on the $70 price point and risk permanently damaging its relationship with fans? Or will Capcom come to its senses, realize $70 is too much to ask, and lower the price before the game's release? The ball is in Capcom's court. Whatever decision they make, one thing is clear: fans won't soon forget how they were treated in the wake of Dragon's Dogma 2's outrageous price reveal.

How Capcom Set the Price for Dragon's Dogma 2

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The Initial Shock

When Capcom first announced Dragon’s Dogma 2, no one expected the price tag that came with it: $70. Fans were outraged at the 50% increase over the typical $60 for a new game. Many took to social media to express their anger at what they saw as an unjustified hike.

Capcom's Reasoning

According to Capcom, the higher price was necessary to account for the massive scope of Dragon’s Dogma 2. As an open-world action RPG, the game required an enormous investment to develop. Capcom argued that $70 was still a fair price given the hundreds of hours of gameplay and limitless adventures available. They pointed out that the price of movie tickets and other entertainment had gone up over time, so games should follow.

The Community Responds

While some fans accepted Capcom’s explanation, many remained unconvinced. $70 seemed an arbitrary figure not supported by facts. And in an era of microtransactions and DLC, the base cost of a game was already too high for many. The backlash intensified, and Capcom found themselves in a PR crisis over the controversial pricing decision.

A Price Review Is Coming

In response, Capcom has announced that they will re-evaluate their pricing policy. They realize that the goodwill of fans is too important to jeopardize over $10. Most expect Capcom to lower the price to the standard $60 to quell criticism, especially with the crucial holiday season coming up. The outcome will have huge implications for the pricing of future blockbusters. But for now, Dragon’s Dogma fans can celebrate a victory.

Will Capcom Reconsider Game Pricing? What This Could Mean for the Industry

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You should be thrilled at the possibility of Capcom revising their pricing strategy! If Capcom lowers the price of Dragon’s Dogma 2, it could set a new precedent for the gaming industry. More players may be able to afford new releases, allowing them to experience the magic of gaming.

More Accessibility Means More Joy

Lower prices mean more gamers can participate, especially those on a budget. Gaming is meant to bring people together and spark imagination. By lowering costs, Capcom would open up that experience to many who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Competition May Follow Suit

Should Capcom make this move, other developers may feel pressured to lower their prices to stay competitive. This could start a positive trend of making gaming more affordable and accessible overall. Players would have more money to spend on additional games, DLC, and in-game purchases. It’s a win-win!

Building Goodwill and Loyalty

By listening to fans and making a pro-consumer choice, Capcom would build tremendous goodwill. Gamers appreciate companies that respect them and make player-friendly decisions. Capcom would earn loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing from grateful fans. That goodwill could inspire players to continue supporting Capcom releases for years to come.

Overall, lowering game prices seems an enlightened strategy that could reap rewards for Capcom and bring more joy to players. While profits may temporarily decrease, the long-term benefits to accessibility, competition, and brand loyalty would be well worth it. Here’s hoping Capcom makes the choice that benefits fans and the future of gaming! The industry and all who love it would be better for it.

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