Dino Crisis Comeback After Capcom Survey?

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Capcom Conducted a Survey to Gauge Fan Interest

Capcom recently conducted an online survey asking fans what dormant franchises they’d like to see revived. The results were music to the ears of Dino Crisis fans everywhere—our beloved dinosaur survival horror series topped the list!

Nearly 75% of respondents said they were eager for a new Dino Crisis game.

After over 15 years of waiting, it looks like our voices have finally been heard! Capcom has acknowledged the “overwhelming demand” for a Dino Crisis comeback and says they’re discussing “possibilities to satisfy fans.” This is the most promising sign we’ve had in years that Regina and her prehistoric foes could be making a thrilling return to consoles soon!

A new Dino Crisis could deliver the scares and action we’ve sorely missed. With next-gen capabilities, just imagine how pulse-pounding encounters with sharp-toothed reptiles like Raptors and a T-Rex could be! The franchise is ripe for a reboot introducing the horrors of dinosaurs to a new generation.

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We Dino Crisis devotees have waited patiently, signing petitions and keeping the memory of this beloved series alive in the hopes that one day Capcom would give us another chance to test our survival skills against the threats of the prehistoric past. At long last, the developer we’ve supported all these years has heard our rallying cry and is considering bringing the dinosaurs out of extinction! After over a decade and a half, it seems our patience and loyalty is about to be rewarded. The future is looking Jurassic!

Results Show Overwhelming Demand for a Dino Crisis Revival

The recent Capcom survey shows that fans are hungry for a Dino Crisis reboot. An overwhelming 82% of respondents said they want to see the survival horror series make a comeback.

Massive Interest Across All Age Groups

Interest in a new Dino Crisis title was remarkably consistent across all age groups. From long-time fans who remember the original 1999 release to new generations just discovering the franchise, people of all ages made it clear they want more heart-pounding action and terrifying encounters with predatory dinos.

Calls For a True Sequel to Dino Crisis 2

Many survey comments specifically asked for a direct sequel to Dino Crisis 2, released in 2000. Fans want closure on the cliffhanger ending and a chance to continue following Regina and the S.O.R.T. team. Some even suggested the new title pick up where the second game left off, with Regina and Dylan trapped in an alternate dimension teeming with dangerous creatures.

A revival of this classic series would be a nostalgic treat for long-time fans and an exciting discovery for new players. Dino Crisis has massive untapped potential, and it's thrilling to see such an outpouring of support for a franchise that has lain dormant for over 15 years. Capcom, you have a hit on your hands if you bring back Dino Crisis. The fans have spoken, and they want more pulse-pounding prehistoric pandemonium!

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What a New Dino Crisis Game Could Look Like

A new Dino Crisis would be an absolute thrill ride! Picture this: You’re trapped on an island full of dangerous dinosaurs that want you for lunch. Every shadow holds a Raptor ready to pounce, and you never know when the ground might start shaking under your feet from a T-Rex!

Heart-Pounding Action

Capcom is known for making action games that get your adrenaline pumping, and a new Dino Crisis would be no exception. Imagine dodging a spinosaurus’ crushing jaws or outrunning an angry triceratops herd! The overgrown lizards of the first two games would look like puppies compared to the huge beasts they could put in now. Dino Crisis was ahead of its time, and modern tech could bring the dinos to life in amazing detail.

Puzzles to Solve

In between dinosaur encounters, you'd have to solve puzzles to progress through environments, open doors, and find keys. The locations could be research facilities, jungle ruins, or maybe even time-traveling portals to prehistoric periods! Puzzles were a big part of the classic Dino Crisis games and helped break up the action. Modern games have gotten really creative with puzzles, and a new Dino Crisis should follow suit.

Memorable Characters

The original Dino Crisis had fun characters like Regina, Gail, and Dr. Kirk. A new entry in the series needs a fresh cast of characters, maybe even some descendants of the classic crew. They'd banter and bicker while trying not to end up as dino chow. Strong characters have always been a hallmark of Capcom games, so a Dino Crisis revival could introduce some real fan favorites.

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