New Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons

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The latest expansion for Destiny 2, The Final Shape, has introduced exciting new weapons to the game. Among these, two new Destiny 2 Exotic weapons have quickly risen to prominence. These weapons have significantly impacted the gameplay, particularly in the Trials of Osiris.

Dominance in Trials of Osiris

The first weekend of Trials of Osiris after the release of The Final Shape has concluded. During this period, the new Destiny 2 Exotic weapons dominated the battlefield. According to the Destiny Trials Report, the Khovostov 7G-0X auto rifle and the Red Death Reformed pulse rifle were the top weapons used from June 14 to 18.

Khovostov 7G-0X: A Returning Favorite

The Khovostov 7G-0X auto rifle, reintroduced from the original Destiny game, has quickly become a favorite. This weapon boasts the Right Choice intrinsic trait, where every seventh bullet deals additional damage and ricochets to nearby targets. Enhanced by the Eyes Up Guardian perk, these ricochets become even more powerful when you create an Orb of Power.

Red Death Reformed: PvP Powerhouse

The Red Death Reformed pulse rifle has also made a significant impact. Designed primarily for PvP, this weapon's Redemption intrinsic trait grants Cure to you upon each kill. Reloading after a kill extends this Cure effect to nearby allies. This combination of traits allows for quick recovery and sustained combat effectiveness, making it a formidable weapon in any engagement.

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Impact on the Weapon Leaderboard

Combined, these new Destiny 2 Exotic weapons accounted for over 3.5 million kills during the Trials of Osiris weekend. This staggering figure represents 20 percent of all kills during this period. In comparison, the third most used weapon, Igneous Hammer (Adept), only accounted for 500,000 kills or three percent of total Trials kills. This highlights the overwhelming dominance of the Khovostov 7G-0X and Red Death Reformed in the current meta.

Reasons for Their Popularity

There are several reasons why these new Destiny 2 Exotic weapons have become so popular. Firstly, their intrinsic traits and perks offer significant advantages in combat. The Khovostov 7G-0X's ability to deal additional damage and its ricochet effect make it highly effective in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Similarly, the Red Death Reformed's healing capabilities allow players to stay in the fight longer and support their teammates.

Secondly, the novelty of these weapons contributes to their high usage rate. Players are eager to try out the latest additions to the Destiny 2 arsenal, leading to increased use in competitive modes like Trials of Osiris.


The introduction of the Khovostov 7G-0X and Red Death Reformed has significantly influenced the Destiny 2 gameplay landscape. These new Destiny 2 Exotic weapons have proven to be powerful additions, dominating the Trials of Osiris and capturing the attention of players. With their unique perks and capabilities, these weapons are likely to remain popular choices in both PvE and PvP for the foreseeable future.

As players continue to explore the full potential of these new Destiny 2 Exotic weapons, it will be interesting to see how they shape the meta and what new strategies emerge.

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