How to Beat Dracula in V Rising

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Dracula is the final boss in V Rising, introduced in version 1.0. Here's how to beat Dracula in V Rising, including essential tips, strategies, and items.

Preparing for the Dracula Fight

Necessary Items and Consumables

Before entering Dracula's Castle, gather the following items to ensure your success:

  • Blood Rose Potion: Recovers 55% health.
  • 100% Blood Quality Potion: Choose Scholar for spell damage or Rogue for physical damage.
  • Potion of Rage: Increases physical power.
  • Witch Potion: Boosts spell power.
  • Vampiric Brew: Enhances Spell Leech and Blood Type efficiency.

Spells and Passives

Equip these spells and passives for the fight:

  • Blood Fountain: Healing pillar that deals leech damage.
  • Phantom Aegis: Provides a shield and weakens enemies.
  • Void: Summons an exploding orb that inflicts Ignite.
  • Frost Shield: Increases movement speed and blocks attacks.
  • Blood Rite: Blocks attacks and deals magic damage.
  • Spectral Wolf: Summons a wolf that deals damage and inflicts Weaken.
  • Hunger for Blood: Increases damage against V Bloods.

Gear and Weapons

Max out your gear and focus on items that increase movement speed, critical strike chance, and health. Use pistols and either the whip or reaper.

Bring Allies

This fight is easier with friends. Team up to increase your chances of victory.

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Entering Dracula's Castle

Obtaining the Blood Key

To enter Dracula’s Castle, you need a Blood Key. Obtain the recipe after defeating Lord Styx, located on the eastern side of the Ruins of Mortium.

Phase One: Dracula's Throne Room

Dracula's Mechanics and Attacks

Dracula moves rapidly and uses various attacks:

  • Blood Pools: Summons blood pools on the ground.
  • Teleportation: Teleports between players.
  • Sword Swipes: Uses a sword in a swiping motion.
  • Vertical Sword Swipes: Sends two vertical swipes at you.
  • Dash and Stab: Dashes and stabs at players.
  • Swirling Red Mist Blades: Summons blades that move in an arc.
  • Blade Slam: Slams his blade, creating a pool and shooting red fires.
  • Wolf Form: Becomes a wolf and summons smaller wolves.
  • Blood Storm: Summons a storm that stuns and damages you.
  • Exploding Bats: Summons bats that drop blood orbs.
  • Disappearance and Bats: Disappears and reappears with a grab attack.
  • Dash and Slash: Targets players with a dash and overhead slash.
  • Vampiric Curse: Inflicts a debuff if hit too many times.


Stay close to columns to block attacks. Use debuff removal, healing abilities, and potions. Keep moving to avoid getting caught off-guard.

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Phase Two: 65 Percent Health

New Mechanics and Attacks

Dracula shatters pillars and introduces new attacks:

  • Blood Crystal: Summons a ring that slows you if inside.
  • Exploding Bats: Summons bats more frequently.
  • AoE Stab: Dashes and performs a broad-area stab.
  • Aerial Slam: Flies and slams down, creating a pool and shooting red fires.
  • Vertical Sword Swipes: Sends four swipes that can curve.
  • Swords from Air: Summons swords that slow and damage.
  • Honing Blood Orbs: Summons blood orbs and fire lines.


Stick to the arena's edge to avoid honing beacons. Damage Dracula during short windows after his attacks. Keep moving and dodging.

Rewards for Beating Dracula

Defeating Dracula rewards you with:

  • Dracula Soul Shard
  • Dracula Armor Recipes
  • Pedestal of Dracula

Final Tips

Understanding Dracula's mechanics and using the best spells, potions, and gear is crucial. This fight may take multiple attempts, but it is winnable with preparation and strategy.

Once you have beat Dracula in V Rising you shall have a significant achievement. Follow these tips and strategies to claim victory over the ancient vampire.

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