Every Waygate Location in V Rising

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Navigating the expansive world of V Rising can be challenging. Thankfully, the game includes numerous Waygates to help players traverse vast distances quickly. This guide will detail every Waygate location in V Rising, making it easier for you to travel efficiently across the map.

What Are Waygates?

Waygates are teleportation points scattered throughout the world of V Rising. They allow players to fast travel, significantly reducing the time spent moving between regions. Knowing every Waygate location in V Rising is essential for efficient exploration and resource management.

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Waygate Locations in V Rising

Farbane Woods

Farbane Woods is the starting area for most players. It features several Waygates to help you navigate this densely forested region.

  1. Farbane East Waygate
    • Located near the eastern edge of Farbane Woods.
  2. Farbane West Waygate
    • Positioned on the western side, providing easy access to the surrounding areas.

Dunley Farmlands

Dunley Farmlands is a vast, open area with multiple Waygates.

  1. Dunley South Waygate
    • Found in the southern part of Dunley Farmlands, near key farming areas.
  2. Dunley Central Waygate
    • Centrally located for easy access to all parts of the Farmlands.
  3. Dunley North Waygate
    • Situated in the northern region, perfect for accessing nearby resources.

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Silverlight Hills

Silverlight Hills is known for its challenging terrain and valuable resources.

  1. Silverlight South Waygate
    • Located in the southern hills, providing a quick route to the lower areas.
  2. Silverlight Central Waygate
    • Found in the heart of Silverlight Hills for central access.
  3. Silverlight North Waygate
    • Positioned in the northern part, ideal for exploring the upper regions.

Cursed Forest

The Cursed Forest is a dangerous area with high-level enemies and rare materials.

  1. Cursed Forest South Waygate
    • Located at the southern edge, offering a gateway to the forest.
  2. Cursed Forest Central Waygate
    • Centrally located, providing access to the most perilous parts of the forest.

Hallowed Mountains

The Hallowed Mountains are a challenging region with fewer but crucial Waygates.

  1. Hallowed Mountains South Waygate
    • Situated in the southern mountains, allowing access to key areas.
  2. Hallowed Mountains North Waygate
    • Found in the northern region, perfect for reaching the mountain's peak.

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Additional Tips for Using Waygates

Proximity to Caves

Some Waygates are near caves that lead back to Farbane Woods. This can speed up leveling and grinding, especially if you build a base in the game's first location. However, not all Waygates have nearby caves, so plan your ventures carefully.

Building Your Own Waygate

You can build a Waygate at your base, allowing teleportation to any other unlocked Waygate. This feature significantly enhances your ability to move quickly across the map.

Unlocking Bat Form

Unlocking the Bat form can reduce your dependence on Waygates. The Bat form allows you to fly across the map, although it has limitations, such as being unusable during the day due to the risk of sun damage.


Knowing every Waygate location in V Rising is crucial for efficient travel and resource management. By utilizing these Waygates strategically, you can explore the vast world of V Rising more effectively. Whether you're starting in Farbane Woods or venturing into the perilous Cursed Forest, these Waygates will be your key to swift and safe travels.

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