Counter-Strike 2 Weapon Skin Sells for Over $1M

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One of the biggest public transactions in Counter-Strike history has just been made. A single AK-47 skin sold for over $1 million. This significant sale marks a milestone in the CS2 community.

The Historic Transaction

The purchase, facilitated by popular CS2 skin aficionados roflm0nster and zipeL, took place on June 5. The skin in question is a Factory New StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened with the ultra-rare 661 pattern. Initially, the skin was listed with a buyout price close to $2 million when it was first shared in January. However, after several interested parties ghosted the pair, the price slowly dropped. It was finally sold yesterday, with the official figure likely falling between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Why the Skin is So Valuable

The AK-47 Case Hardened possesses the ultra-rare 661 pattern. This pattern sees the weapon’s topside coated in metallic blue, known as a “blue gem.” This is opposed to the less interesting anodized gold or silver patterns. A full-blue weapon or knife, known as a “blue gem,” is extremely tough to find due to the very low likelihood of the weapon landing on the exact spot of the pattern for the maximum amount of blue.

Adding to its rarity is the fact that it is a Factory New StatTrak weapon. The chances of getting this specific skin via opening a case or through CS2’s Trade Up Contract is nearly impossible. One interested party reportedly spent over $100,000 attempting to make his own version of the weapon.

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Previous Sales and Comparisons

The last 661 Blue Gem AK-47 sale was zipeL’s own copy of the weapon in 2023, which sold for $400,000. However, that was a Minimal Wear version of the weapon, though it did have four amazing Titan holographic stickers on it. Today’s AK is a Factory New StatTrak version of the rare 661 pattern, making it possibly the only one of its kind which is the reason the Counter-Strike 2 Weapon Skin Sells for Over $1M.

The Role of Middlemen and Cryptocurrency

Skins like these won’t be available on the Steam Market. Middlemen and reputable figures in the CS2 trading scene often assist with finding buyers and negotiating fair prices. Cryptocurrency transfers are often the currency of choice for these high-value transactions. This ensures a level of anonymity and security for both parties involved.

The Future of High-Value CS2 Skins

This transaction sets a new precedent for the value of rare CS2 skins. As the game continues to grow in popularity, we can expect to see more high-value transactions. The Counter-Strike 2 Weapon Skin Sells for Over $1M, proving the enduring appeal and value of rare in-game items.

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The sale of the Factory New StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened with the 661 pattern is a landmark event in the Counter-Strike community. It highlights the increasing value of rare skins and the lengths to which collectors will go to obtain them. As the market for CS2 skins evolves, we will undoubtedly see more astonishing sales in the future. For now, this transaction remains a testament to the passion and dedication of the Counter-Strike 2 community.

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