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Mod Support Finally Arriving for Cities: Skylines 2

Cities: Skylines 2 players have been eagerly awaiting the implementation of mod support since the game’s initial early access release. After many months of development, the first stage of mod support is finally arriving in the form of the Content Creator Pack. This initial offering will allow players to design and upload their own buildings, parks, and landmarks to share with the broader Cities: Skylines community.

Custom Buildings

The Content Creator Pack provides players with a full set of building customization tools to construct their ideal city centerpieces. Players can now generate completely unique buildings, tweak the designs of existing buildings, or upload buildings created using third-party 3D modeling software. These custom buildings can then be shared, downloaded, and incorporated into any player’s city.

Parks and Plazas

In addition to buildings, the Content Creator Pack allows players to design their own public spaces like parks, playgrounds, and plazas. Players have access to a variety of paths, props, and foliage to create peaceful pockets of nature within their bustling metropolises. Custom parks and plazas can be used to establish community hubs, increase property values, and boost citizen happiness.

The release of the Content Creator Pack marks an important first step in empowering the Cities: Skylines community to directly shape and enhance the game. While still limited, the new customization tools provide a framework for the development team to build upon by gradually expanding mod support and incorporating community feedback. The future of Cities: Skylines 2 modding looks bright, with unlimited potential for players to craft their ideal city.

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What We Know So Far About Mods in Cities: Skylines 2

Colossal Order recently announced the first stage in implementing mod support for Cities: Skylines 2.

Mods on the Workshop

The developers confirmed that Cities: Skylines 2 will launch with basic mod support on the Steam Workshop. This means players can expect to find and download mods made by the community to customize and expand their city-building experience.

Limited Modding Capabilities...For Now

However, Colossal Order stated that modding capabilities will be limited at launch. Only basic 3D models, maps, and translations will be supported. Complex mods that alter gameplay or systems will not yet be possible. The developers plan to expand the modding toolset over time based on community feedback and requests.

An Evolving Process

Colossal Order emphasized that implementing mod support for a game as complex as Cities: Skylines 2 will be an evolving process. They aim to add additional modding functionality, options, and tools gradually to ensure stability and compatibility. The pace of progress will depend on the priorities and needs of the modding community.

A Promising Start

While limited, the initial modding capabilities coming to Cities: Skylines 2 represent an exciting start. The modding community was instrumental in expanding the original Cities: Skylines, and Colossal Order's commitment to supporting mods in the sequel is promising. The future of mods in Cities: Skylines 2 looks bright, even if progress starts slowly. Players and modders alike can look forward to the new creative possibilities to come.

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Most Anticipated Mods for Cities: Skylines 2

Improved Traffic Management

One of the most eagerly awaited mods is improved traffic management. The traffic simulation in Cities: Skylines could become chaotic as cities grew in size and complexity. An improved traffic management system with smarter AI for routing vehicles and public transit is high on the wishlist for most players. This could include options for controlling traffic flow, lane selection, and more intelligent pathfinding for service vehicles.

Expanded Building Options

Many players are keen to see an expansion of available buildings, especially unique landmark buildings. While the base game provides a good selection of standard zoning types, mods could provide additional architectural styles, sizes, and functions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Players also hope to get additional service buildings like schools, hospitals, prisons and monuments to help bring their cities to life.

Realistic Economy Simulation

A realistic economic simulation where the city economy is affected by both local factors like tax rates, zoning, and public services as well as larger economic forces would make the management of city finances more engaging and challenging. Players could have to balance the city budget, manage debt, adapt to business cycles, and make strategic investments to foster economic growth. Mods that simulate supply chains for goods and services could also enrich the economic experience.

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