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Overview of the March 13 Call of Duty Patch

Weapon Rebalancing

The latest Call of Duty patch rebalances two weapons to improve overall gameplay. The Longbow sniper rifle received a damage buff, increasing its one-shot kill potential. This change helps the Longbow better compete with other sniper rifles. The Haymaker shotgun, on the other hand, had its damage range decreased to prevent overpowered kills at medium range. Together, these changes make close- and long-range combat more balanced.

Spawn Logic Improvements

To reduce instances of spawning near enemies, the spawn system logic has been refined. Players should notice fewer occasions of spawning in the line of sight or within close proximity of opponents. This should create a smoother gameplay experience with fewer immediate deaths upon spawning. Additional improvements to spawn logic are still underway to further optimize the system.

Other Changes

Various bug fixes and gameplay optimizations are also included in this update. Changes were made to improve matchmaking, lobby connectivity, and UI elements. Overall, this patch focuses on weapon balance, spawn logic, and technical improvements to create a more polished experience for Call of Duty players. Additional patches will continue to be released to build upon these refinements and further improve the game.

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Breakdown of Weapon Balance Changes

Assault Rifles

The latest patch rebalances two assault rifles to improve overall weapon balance. The Longbow received a damage buff to increase its viability, while the Haymaker received adjustments to decrease its power at longer ranges.

Specifically, the Longbow's damage profile was increased across all ranges, improving its time to kill and making it a more competitive choice versus other assault rifles. The Haymaker, on the other hand, had its damage decreased at longer ranges to curb its effectiveness beyond close quarters, bringing it more in line with developer intentions.


The patch also makes adjustments to shotguns to better define their roles. The Reaver and Banshee received buffs to their short range damage to solidify them as close quarters powerhouses. Conversely, the Argus and KRM were given decreased move speed and handling to limit their effectiveness outside of close quarters.


Finally, several scorestreaks received tweaks to either improve or decrease their power. The Mothership and Power Core were given buffs to make them more viable choices, while the Cerberus, Talon, and Wraith were toned down slightly to bring them in line with the overall scorestreak balance.

In summary, the latest patch aims to improve weapon and scorestreak balance through a series of buffs, nerfs, and role adjustments based on in-game data and feedback. The changes create more defined strengths and weaknesses for each item, resulting in a more balanced and strategic experience overall.

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How the New Patch Affects Spawns and Other Gameplay

Spawn Improvements

The March 13 patch includes fixes to spawns across several maps to prevent players from spawning near enemies. These changes should alleviate frustrating situations where players spawn directly in the line of fire or near an active combat zone. Players can expect to spawn further from enemy players and in safer areas of the maps following this update.

Balancing the Longbow and Haymaker

The new patch also rebalances two weapons that have caused balance issues: the Longbow assault rifle and the Haymaker shotgun. The Longbow received a damage reduction to prevent it from being overly effective at long ranges. The Haymaker shotgun had its damage and range decreased to prevent it from dominating close quarters combat. These changes aim to diversify the weapons used by players and open up more viable strategies.

Additional Gameplay Changes

Beyond spawns and weapon balancing, the patch includes additional minor gameplay changes and bug fixes. The update reduces flinch when shot to allow players to more effectively return fire and defend themselves. It also fixes issues with sounds not playing properly for certain scorestreaks like the Hellstorm missile. An exploit on the map Aquarium was corrected to prevent players from hiding inside of a wall. These types of minor adjustments and bug fixes help to polish the overall gameplay experience, though they may go unnoticed by casual players.

In summary, the March 13 patch for Call of Duty focuses on technical improvements and balance changes aimed at creating a fair, polished, and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. Spawn logic, weapon balance, and general gameplay have all received attention in order to diversify strategies and create a level playing field. Players should experience an updated game that addresses some of the more prominent frustrations

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