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Age of Mythology Retold: A Complete Reimagining

The developers behind Age of Mythology: Retold are pulling out all the stops to craft an RTS experience like no other. They're rebuilding the game from the ground up with modern graphics, improved gameplay, and new story content that expands on the original tale.

A Visual Masterpiece

Age of Mythology: Retold will feature cutting-edge visuals powered by a brand-new game engine. The stunning graphics bring the mythological world to life like never before with highly detailed characters, environments, and effects. Watch as towering Colossi stomp across the battlefield and lightning crackles from the fingertips of Zeus himself. This is Age of Mythology as you’ve always imagined it in your mind’s eye.

Deeper Strategy and Story

Think you’ve mastered Age of Mythology’s tactical gameplay? Think again. Retold builds on the classic RTS formula with expanded god powers, new units, and rebalanced combat that provides even more strategic depth. The single-player campaign has also been enhanced with fresh missions and cinematics that delve deeper into the game’s mythological lore.

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What We Know So Far About Age of Mythology Retold

New Graphics and Visuals

Age of Mythology Retold is set to feature completely remade graphics, with developers promising photorealistic visuals, dynamic lighting, and remastered cinematics. The environments, terrain, and weather effects are also being rebuilt from the ground up.

An Epic Campaign

The single player campaign is being completely rebuilt with new missions, stories, and challenges. You'll guide legendary heroes like Odysseus, Beowulf, and Rama through perilous journeys inspired by classic myths. Cinematic cutscenes will bring pivotal moments to life and build emotional connections with complex characters. The team is crafting an unforgettable campaign that does justice to the epic tales at the heart of Age of Mythology.

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Our Hopes and Dreams for Age of Mythology Retold

Customization Galore

Half the fun of any strategy game is customizing your civilization. We dream of having countless options to personalize our towns, armies and playstyle. Let us choose from a wide array of buildings, units, god powers and technologies. Surprise us with secret upgrades and special resources to discover. Give us the freedom to develop our civilization in unique ways so no two players have the same experience.

Adventure and Exploration

While managing resources and building armies, we also hope for elements of adventure and discovery. Have mysterious ruins to explore, dangerous beasts to battle, and lost relics to uncover. Add random events that create unexpected challenges or rewards. Include secret areas that can only be accessed by solving puzzles or quests. Sprinkle in some RPG-like features so we can level up our heroes and equip them with legendary gear. Surprise and delight us at every turn!


A new Age of Mythology has been a long time coming. We hope the developers are able to capture the sense of wonder and imagination that made the original game so magical. By crafting an unforgettable campaign, giving us countless customization options, and adding elements of adventure, Age of Mythology Retold could become the strategy game of our dreams!

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