A Tomb Raider Tabletop RPG

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Announcing the Upcoming Tomb Raider Tabletop RPG

The Adventure Begins

The rumors are true, tomb raiders - a Tomb Raider tabletop roleplaying game is on the way! Publisher Fandom and game developer Free League Publishing just announced they're teaming up to bring us an official TRPG set in the world of Lara Croft. Whether you want to play as Lara herself or create your own tomb raiding character, this game will let you experience the danger and excitement of the franchise.

Chart Your Own Course

Free League says the game will feature an open-world campaign where you can choose your own path. You'll explore jungles, ruins, and tombs across the globe, using wits and skills to survive deadly traps and uncover ancient artifacts. The game will also include pre-made adventures for players who want to dive right into the action.

Use Iconic Gear and Develop Skills

Of course, no tomb raider is complete without their tools and skills. The game will feature a system to acquire and upgrade equipment like Lara's iconic dual pistols, bow, and climbing ax. You'll also be able to develop abilities for stealth, acrobatics, linguistics, and more to overcome obstacles in your way.

Embark on Thrilling Expeditions

Whether you want to stop a Mayan apocalypse, hunt for a lost Egyptian city, or prevent a disaster in the Siberian wilderness, the Tomb Raider TRPG will offer mysteries and quests to satisfy any explorer.

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Details Revealed So Far About the New Tomb Raider RPG

The Core Rulebook

Evil Hat Productions has announced that the Tomb Raider RPG will be released as a single, full-color hardcover core rulebook containing all the rules needed to play. This comprehensive book will provide details on character creation, combat, equipment, gamemastering advice, and more.

Playable Characters

You and your friends will be able to take on the roles of characters like Lara Croft, treasure hunters, archeologists, and other adventurers in the Tomb Raider universe. The game will support 3 to 6 players in each campaign.

Familiar Mechanics

The Tomb Raider RPG will use a modified version of the Fate Core system, which focuses on narrative storytelling. Players will use Fate dice and Fate points to help shape the story. The familiar mechanics should make the game easy to pick up for those already familiar with the Fate system.

Explore Exotic Locations

As a Tomb Raider RPG campaign unfolds, players will visit dangerous tombs, uncharted tropical islands, snowy mountain peaks, and ancient ruins. The many exotic locations featured in the video games provide a perfect setting for adventures. Players can expect to face dangers like crumbling bridges, spike pits, wild animals and rival treasure hunters.

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What We Hope to See in the New Tomb Raider Tabletop RPG

As fans of the franchise, there are a few things we’re hoping to see included in the new tabletop RPG.

Character Customization

One of the best parts of any RPG is creating your own unique character. We’d love the ability to customize Lara Croft’s appearance, skills, and backstory. Maybe we can choose her specialty - is she a stealthy infiltrator, a gun-toting mercenary, or a mix of both? Character customization gives players a chance to roleplay as the Lara they want.

Familiar Locations and Enemies

What’s Tomb Raider without dangerous tombs to raid and enemies to fight? We hope to see classic locations from the video games like Croft Manor, coastal shipwrecks, and ancient ruins. And of course, what’s Lara without her signature dual pistols to fend off enemies like wild animals, mercenaries, and supernatural creatures. Battling familiar foes in iconic places is key to an authentic Tomb Raider experience.

Puzzles and Traps

A huge part of the video game franchise is solving environmental puzzles and navigating dangerous traps. We’d love to see puzzle mechanics incorporated into the RPG, whether through dice rolls, decision points, or props like puzzle pieces or maps. Navigating traps could also be handled through dice rolls and skill checks. Puzzles and traps are challenging but rewarding parts of any Tomb Raider game.

Including elements like character customization, familiar locations and enemies, and puzzles and traps would create an RPG experience worthy of the Tomb Raider name. We can’t wait to see what the developers have in store for this new tabletop adventure!

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