How To Heal In Duckside

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Duckside is the latest survival video game of 2024, testing your survival skills against the elements, human soldiers and ducks! Learning how to heal in Duckside is key to your survival.

Healing in Duckside

Duckside is currently available in beta form via this link, providing players an opportunity to discover its virtual world. However to survive, you will need to learn the basics and deploy health strategies. This article details proven methods for healing in Duckside.

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How To Heal

The first thing you need to do for healing in Duckside is gather certain materials such as fiber from bushes and trees. Crafting requires only five fiber pieces to make a rag, restoring a slight amount of health.

Alternatively, search abandoned containers like oil drums, crates, train cars and pickup trucks for healing in Duckside. Better medicines sometimes appear in signposted health crates, such as painkillers which rapidly restore a small amount of health.

When scouting, buildings prove too hazardous due to humans shooting on sight which wont help healing in Duckside. Fly over locations first for reconnaissance while keeping an eye out for snipers. Overall, apply strategies that maintain healths during Duckside experiences.

To Heal in Duckside requires five fiber pieces to make a rag, restoring a slight amount of health.

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