Ghost of Tsushima PC Port Finally Arrives May 16th!

Ghost of Tsushima PC Port Release Date Set for May 16th

The wait is finally over!

On May 16th, the epic samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PC. Three years after the PlayStation 4 release, PC players will finally get to experience the open world of Tsushima island in all its glory.

Get ready to sharpen your katana and master the way of the samurai when the game launches on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG next month. This action-packed single player story follows Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior who must forge a new path to protect Tsushima from the Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274. Ride through vibrant fields of swaying grass, massive forests and picturesque shrines on horseback while defending your people from the ruthless Khan and his army.

Fight enemies with precision swordplay and lethal assassinations or challenge Mongol leaders to epic showdowns in beautiful locations across the island. The innovative combat system gives you total control of Jin's katana for some seriously satisfying takedowns. You'll need all your skills and wits to overcome formidable foes and complete dangerous side quests.

Rich cinematic cutscenes, moving music and stunning visuals all come together to create a truly immersive experience of feudal Japan. Whether you want pulse-pounding action or picturesque vistas, Ghost of Tsushima delivers a perfect blend of story and sandbox exploration. Mark your calendars, the wait is almost over. Your epic samurai adventure begins May 16th!

What to Expect From the Ghost of Tsushima PC Version

Stunning Graphics and Environments

Get ready for some seriously jaw-dropping scenery, PC gamers! The PC port has been optimized to take full advantage of high-end graphics cards and 4K displays. Tsushima's vibrant open world, full of swaying bamboo forests, tranquil shrines and picturesque vistas, will be more gorgeous than ever.

Enhanced Combat and Stealth

Slashing through Mongols has never felt so satisfying! With improved enemy AI, combat will be more challenging and rewarding. Stealth gameplay also gets an upgrade, with smarter enemies and additional ways to manipulate the environment. The PC version is the definitive way to experience the thrill of Ghost of Tsushima's combat.

New Side Quests and Easter Eggs

Sucker Punch has added some extra content made specifically for PC players. Keep an eye out for new side quests that dive deeper into the lives of villagers. There are also secret items and other Easter eggs hidden throughout the world for eagle-eyed players to discover. Exploring Tsushima just got even more exciting!

Whether you're a long-time fan itching to revisit Jin's quest for vengeance in glorious 4K, or a PC gamer experiencing Ghost of Tsushima for the first time, the PC port is shaping up to be the best version yet. The wait has been long, but from the looks of it, this port was well worth it. Sharpen your katana and prepare to embark on an epic adventure across Tsushima's wilds on May 16th!

Preparing Your PC for the Ghost of Tsushima Release

Ghost of Tsushima is finally coming to PC, and you’ll want your system ready for all the action! To experience the gorgeous open world of Tsushima island in all its glory, you’ll need a fairly powerful gaming PC. Don’t worry, though, these upgrades will have your PC slicing through Mongol invaders in no time.

Graphics Card

A dedicated graphics card is essential for running modern games like Ghost of Tsushima. Look for an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or better. This will allow you to max out the settings and still achieve 60+ FPS for silky smooth gameplay. If your budget allows, go for an RTX 2070 or 2080—you’ll be blown away by the ray traced lighting effects.


Ghost of Tsushima requires at least an Intel i5-3570 or AMD FX 6300. For the best performance, aim for an i7 7700 or Ryzen 5 3600X or better. More powerful CPUs will ensure you don’t experience any stuttering or lag, even during intense combat and chaotic battles.


Bump up your RAM to at least 16GB for Ghost of Tsushima. More memory means you can run other programs in the background without impacting your gameplay. With 16GB or higher, you’ll be slicing through enemies without a hitch.


Installing Ghost of Tsushima will require up to 105GB of storage space. An SSD is highly recommended for fast loading times. A standard hard drive can work, but may result in longer load screens and texture pop-in.

With the right gear, you'll be ready to take on the Mongol army and liberate Tsushima island. The open world has never looked more stunning, and combat has never felt more thrilling. Grab your katana and prepare for an epic samurai adventure like no other! The wait is nearly over.

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