How to Recruit Retinue in Manor Lords

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Raising a powerful army in Manor Lords is essential for defending your village from raids or invasions. Retinue units offer superior combat performance and efficiency compared to other types of soldiers but how do you get them? In my how to recruit Retinue in Manor Lords guide, i shall explain exactly how to acheive this.

Building the Manor

Reaching Small Village Level

To recruit Retinue units, you first need to build a Manor within your settlement. Once you have enough villagers with your settlement you will reach the Small Village level. To build the Manor upgrade will require 5 Timber, 20 Planks, and 15 Stone.

Initial Recruitment

After constructing the Manor, five Retinue units will be automatically added to your troops. These skilled soldiers wield shields and swords, making them effective despite their small numbers.

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Adding More Retinue Units

Accessing the Customization Menu

If you need more than five Retinue units, you can add more through the Customization menu. Head to the Army menu at the bottom of your screen in Manor Lords. Click on Retinue units and then on the Customize Retinue menu.

Recruiting Men-At-Arms

To recruit new Retinue units, click the Recruit Men-At-Arms button. Each Retinue unit costs 50 Treasury Units, which you earn by collecting taxes from your settlement's residents.

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Increasing Retinue Capacity

Initial Limit

Initially, you can have 12 Retinue units in your army at once. This limit can be increased by constructing additional buildings.

Building a Garrison Tower

To increase the Retinue limit, build a Garrison Tower inside your Manor. This requires 10 Timber, 15 Planks, and 10 Stones. Note that only one Garrison Tower can be built per Manor.

Expanding to Other Regions

To further increase your Retinue limit in, build more Manors in other regions under your rule. Construct Garrison Towers in these Manors to accommodate more Retinue units.

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Customizing Retinue Units

Accessing the Customization Menu

Unlike Militia units, Retinue units can be customized. Click the brush icon beside the rally button to open the Customization menu. Here, you can customize weapons, body armor, shields, and helmets for each Retinue unit.

Upgrading Armor

The most crucial customization option is upgrading armor. From the Armor upgrades menu, select Upgrade Armor (Local) to enhance your Retinue's armor with locally made equipment. This costs 17 Treasury units and requires an Armorer’s Workshop in your village.

Importing Armor

Alternatively, you can import new armor for your Retinue units. This option costs 34 Treasury units, double the price of local upgrades. Choose this if you prefer imported armor over local options.


Understanding how to recruit Retinue in Manor Lords is vital for maintaining a strong and efficient army. Start by building a Manor, then customize and expand your Retinue units to ensure your village's defense. By following these steps, you can effectively manage and enhance your Retinue forces in the game.

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