How to Get and Use The Fish in V Rising

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V Rising is filled with wondrous items waiting to be discovered. One elusive item, The Fish, remains a mystery for many players even after hundreds of hours of gameplay. Here’s a guide on how to get and use The Fish in V Rising.

Where to Find The Fish

Brighthaven Docks

Perhaps the best area for looting and farming items, the Brighthaven Docks offers a solid chance of finding The Fish. Here’s how to maximize your chances:

  • Break all containers: The Fish has a low drop rate, under one percent, so patience is key.
  • Loot at night: Night-time missions reduce the risk of encountering tough enemies.
  • Send a servant: Missions to Brighthaven Docks can also yield The Fish, so leverage your servants for this task.

Ponds in the Cursed Forest

The Cursed Forest offers another chance to find The Fish, albeit with some challenges:

  • Fishing: Ponds here have about a one percent chance per pull to grant The Fish.
  • Prepare for debuffs: The Cursed Forest limits visibility and clouds your map. Equip the Shroud of the Forest cape, obtainable by defeating the Old Wanderer boss, to mitigate these effects.

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How to Use The Fish in V Rising

Dismantling for Raw Materials

The primary use of The Fish in V Rising is to dismantle it into valuable raw materials:

  • Devourer: Place The Fish into a Devourer to receive:
    • 20 Gold Jewellery
    • 50 Oil
    • 200 Silver Coins

Collecting for Bragging Rights

While the materials obtained from The Fish are useful, its rarity makes it more of a trophy item:

  • Show off: Keep The Fish as a collectible to share your achievement with other players.
  • Consider the effort: Due to its extreme rarity, hunting for The Fish specifically for its materials is not efficient. Focus on broader loot opportunities in Brighthaven Docks instead.


How to get and use The Fish in V Rising requires patience and strategy. The Fish is an elusive item with a very low drop rate, found primarily in Brighthaven Docks and the Cursed Forest. Its primary use is dismantling for valuable mid to late-game materials, but its rarity makes it a prized collectible. Instead of dedicating excessive time to finding The Fish, target broader loot farms and consider any Fish found as a bonus.

Happy hunting, and may luck be on your side in the world of V Rising!

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