How to Get a Skimmer (Hoverboard) in Destiny 2

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The 2024 edition of Destiny 2's Guardian Games introduced an exciting prize: the Skimmer, a hoverboard that allows guardians to grind, fly, and perform tricks. This vehicle surpasses the Sparrow in almost every way. If you're wondering how to get a Skimmer (Hoverboard) in Destiny 2, this guide will walk you through the process.

What is a Skimmer?

A Skimmer takes up the same slot as a Sparrow but is closer to the Cloudstriders' hoverboards seen on Neomuna. This vehicle type offers more tricks than the standard Destiny 2 vehicle, resembling Warframe's K-Drive more than a Sparrow. You can even fly with it (or grind the air around you), making it a stylish way to traverse large areas.

Key Features of the Skimmer

  • More tricks and stunts compared to Sparrows.
  • Ability to grind and fly.
  • Stylish traversal of large areas.
  • Takes up the Sparrow slot in your inventory.

How to Obtain Your First Skimmer

The game's inaugural Skimmer was the Allstar Vector, introduced during Guardian Games 2024 with Update 7.3.5. If you didn’t complete the Best in Class and Drop In quests during Guardian Games 2024, the only way to get a Skimmer is through the Eververse Store.

Purchasing from Eververse Store

Bungie added the Winged Wolf Skimmer to the Eververse Store with Update 7.3.5. Inspired by the iconic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, it is available in a bundle for 2,500 Silver. This bundle includes:

  • Winged Wolf hoverboard/Skimmer
  • Ghost Shell
  • Ship
  • Shader

This vehicle may rotate into the Bright Dust shop in the future, but currently, it's only available for Silver. The Eververse shop may also see more Skimmers in the future.

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Equipping and Using the Skimmer

To use your new vehicle, open your inventory and equip it where you would normally select your Sparrow. Summon it like a normal vehicle and start surfing around in no time.

Switching Modes

  • Standard Mode: Standard boost option available.
  • Grind Mode: Press the crouch button to switch to a grind. Your guardian switches stance and surfs the leylines of the world.

Grinding lasts a long time and allows guardians to reach otherwise inaccessible locations. Press the crouch button again to switch back to standard use.

Important Tips

  • Switching Delay: There is a short delay between switching from regular to grind mode.
  • Safety First: You can't dismount while grinding, so ensure you're in a safe location before switching and jumping off your Skimmer.

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Getting a Skimmer in Destiny 2 adds a fun and stylish way to move around the game's vast landscapes. Whether you earned the Allstar Vector during Guardian Games or purchased the Winged Wolf Skimmer from the Eververse Store, knowing how to get a Skimmer in Destiny 2 will enhance your gameplay experience. Equip your new vehicle, master the art of grinding, and explore the world of Destiny 2 with flair.

Stay tuned to future updates as Bungie may introduce more Skimmers and exciting new features to the game. Happy surfing, Guardians!

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